Cucumber seedling overgrown

To get a stable result, you have to work hard. Gardeners, engaged in the seedling method of growing cucumbers, face various difficulties. One of the common problems is pulling cucumber seedlings. She becomes tall, looks unattractive, grows weakened. With this condition, planting material rely on a good crop of cucumbers is unlikely to succeed. When transplanting, many plants break down. The rest require additional care and investment. Naturally, the questions arise: "Why is this happening? What reasons lead to the fact that the seedlings of cucumbers are stretched? Why does it outgrow?"

Biologists explain this by the fact that the cells change their placement at the time of stretching the plant. They move from horizontal to vertical. At the same time, their number remains unchanged.

Therefore, cucumber seedlings become much thinner, paler and weaker. It is more often affected by diseases and pests, it absorbs nutrients worse. Factors that lead to the stretching of seedlings are not very many. All of them are associated with the influence of the external environment. Therefore, it does not depend on the variety of cucumbers and seed quality. The difficulty lies in the fact that immediately determine why the seedlings stretched out, it is not always possible to determine.

Healthy and high-quality seedlings always look strong and squat. As soon as the external growing conditions change, the delicate plants respond instantly.

Therefore, proper and competent care will not lead to the emergence of stretched and weak shoots. Pulling cucumber seedlings is not a disease. If the process does not go too far, then you can fix it. We need to find out the reason, and then take corrective measures.

Determine adverse factors

The main reasons for pulling cucumber seedlings are:

  1. Insufficient lighting. Banal reason. Usually, it is connected with the fact that cucumbers start growing in the cold season. Natural lighting is not enough, and installing additional knowledge requires. Conventional incandescent lamps are not able to provide the desired effect. Worst of all, the leaves and cucumber trunks can get burned by the heat generated by the lamps. To the seedlings are not much overgrown and not stretched, it is better to purchase special fitolamps. The option is not very economical, but the only substitute is the housekeeper. Home inventors set timers on them in order not to overheat the plants.
  2. Violation of temperature. Under the influence of heat, the growth of cucumber seedlings increases. At temperatures below the required, there is a strong development of the root system - we get the same result. If the time of transplantation of cucumbers has not yet come, the shoots will be pulled out. The optimum temperature for growing cucumber seedlings is 16 ° C above zero. If the thermal imbalance is combined with a lack of light, then it is drawn out very strongly.
  3. Too tight sowing. With good seed germination, the plants become not enough light, space for growth, nutrients for development. Sprouts interfere with each other, cucumber seedlings are pulled out. Without remedying the situation, saving the harvest will not work. When seedlings are in cups, it is necessary to arrange the containers so that cucumber leaves do not touch each other. Otherwise, the innate competitiveness of plants will lead to a pulling of the trunks.
  4. Frequent watering. Cucumber seedlings do not tolerate large amounts of moisture. Watering is recommended not earlier than the leaves begin to drop slightly. They signal a lack of moisture. There is a stimulation of the vital forces of the plant.
  5. Incorrectly calculated amount of nutrients for dressings. The lack or excess of certain components is often the reason that the seedlings are drawn out. Young seedlings require precise compliance with the proportions of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus.
  6. Tare and bad soil. In such conditions, seedlings stretched no less. Before sowing, it is necessary to choose the right size of the pot and prepare a nutrient mixture.

With the stretching of cucumber seedlings faced by many gardeners. Therefore, you should know in advance what to do when such a symptom occurs. Better yet, avoid.

We apply the rules of prevention

Experienced vegetable growers know some of the nuances that help avoid pulling trunks or quickly fix things.

  1. Dripping. This method can be applied when the seedlings of cucumbers have already stretched. How to do? Next to the stem a small depression is dug. A long stem is placed in it, gently sprinkled with earth, tamped and watered. The upper part will rise to the light, and new roots will appear on the stalk under the ground. With a small stretch of cucumber seedlings, you can simply fill up a little bit of soil. It should be dry and heated. This will help not to linger too much moisture.
  2. Stabilizing air temperature. Cucumber seedlings, which are grown at home, may suffer from heating appliances or nearby windows. We'll have to find a place not to reduce the amount of light, but to optimize the heat.
  3. Increase the distance between shoots. It is better to do this immediately when sowing seeds. And with increased density of grown seedlings, it is necessary to very carefully thin out the plants. It requires special care not to damage the surrounding roots. This reception is carried out only by experienced gardeners. For beginners, it is better to change the growing conditions without touching the seedlings.
  4. Provide enough light. A very important factor. We'll have to try to create a comfortable environment for cucumbers. And do it better before sowing seeds. Well helps doslechivanie. In the greenhouse it can be used only in the morning and in the evening. In the daytime there will be enough natural light. It should be borne in mind that the light day for cucumber seedlings should last at least 18 hours. Even with good lighting, but a short "light day", it is drawn out.
  5. Proper moisturizing. Abundant watering will lead to violent growth of plants. If there is still a lot of time before planting, the stems become thinner and stretched. The second negative factor for over-drinking plants is the development of diseases. Requires optimal balance. Overdrying and overwetting are equally unacceptable.
  6. Meals by the rules. Feeding is always carried out to obtain a good planting material. There are complex fertilizers for seedlings. The main thing is that it is well dissolved in water. This will ensure that all plants receive the same amount of nutrients. Organic fertilizers are often used - bird droppings, humus. Naturally, it is necessary to make an infusion. In its pure form, such dressings for plants are not suitable. In the absence of complex or organic fertilizers, a mixture of ammonium nitrate, potassium sulfate, and superphosphate (1: 3: 4) is used. Enough two tablespoons of the mixture in a bucket of water.
  7. Topping. This method is very effective for seedlings of short-cucumbers.

Each of these methods will give its result. A set of measures will save seedlings from pulling. The main thing is to do it on time. But, first try to figure out why this happened.

Important! When planting plants in the ground is also necessary to maintain the optimum density of planting. This applies equally to growing methods, both in open ground and in greenhouses.

Good luck and good harvests, dear gardeners!