Varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses in Siberia

Choosing cucumbers for Siberia in the greenhouse, the best varieties are to be found in specialized reference books. It is necessary to take into account the opinion of amateur gardeners who have experience in growing vegetables in a region with unpredictable weather and early frosts. The choice of varieties and hybrids is great, every year on the market there are new promising options, pleasing unpretentious, pleasant taste and excellent yield.

How to make a choice

Cucumber is a thermophilic and moisture-loving culture. It is difficult to create the desired microclimate in an open garden; therefore, vegetables are more often grown in light greenhouses or capital heated greenhouses. The latter option allows you to get a harvest, even in winter. However, on the private plots, simpler structures made of metal covered with film or coated with sheets of cellular polycarbonate are more common. In winter, they do not function, the main task of such shelters is to extend the period of fruiting and to give the opportunity to develop all the resulting ovaries.

Choosing which varieties of cucumbers are best planted in the greenhouse, decide how you plan to use the crop. Some fruits are suitable for canning, they differ in small size, density, hard skin with dark spines. Other varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses are best used fresh, used for making salads, side dishes, cold soups or juices. Such fruits are larger, their skin is thin and light, dotted with rare light tubercles.

The most fruitful varieties have late ripening, they also have a particularly rich taste. Earlier cucumbers with a reduced fruiting period are not very bright in taste, but juicy and crispy. They are not canned, using only fresh.

Cucumbers for Siberia: what are their advantages

When deciding which cucumber is better to plant in the greenhouse, consider the climatic features of the region. Greenhouse cucumbers must meet the following requirements:

  • rich, non-watery taste;
  • long period of fruiting;
  • harmonious ripening;
  • cold endurance;
  • unpretentiousness to the conditions of detention;
  • resistance to pests and diseases.

Ideal - varieties bred by Siberian breeders. They are suitable for all areas, quietly tolerate small changes in temperature and short-term drought. Most of these varieties are universal, that is, they can be grown in different types of shelters. Cucumbers can bear fruit for several months in a row or produce a chord harvest. The latter option is especially convenient for those who plan to preserve the fruit.

Give preference to varieties with compact bushes and not too long vines, suitable for placement in a greenhouse of any size. Such plants can be grown in the winter even if they are planted in the capital with sheltered heated rooms. However, abundant fruiting in this case will not have to count. Varieties of cucumbers for the greenhouse are quite demanding for heat, it is better to finish harvesting at the end of autumn, and to plant the first seedlings in early April. In winter, the home greenhouse should rest.

Time-tested varieties

The best varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses should be found in specialized catalogs. For those who do not like to take risks, it makes sense to dwell on proven varieties tested by several generations of gardeners. All options listed in the State Register are distributed by region. For example, the fruits recommended for the Leningrad region should not be grown in Krasnodar, and varieties suitable for Altai are unlikely to take root in the north of Siberia. Pay attention to the following crop varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses:


A very popular hybrid that is planted in greenhouses, greenhouses or under film. Fruits are not bitter, suitable for pickles or salads. The yield is high, depends on irrigation and soil fertility. Good disease and parasite resistance.


The selection of suitable varieties for regions with a difficult climate is a responsible exercise. In order not to be mistaken, it is worthwhile to plant a few hybrids, and then choose the ones you like the most. In Siberia, you can achieve a very high yield of cucumbers, and with proper skills in greenhouses grow even the most capricious and heat-loving vegetables.

Most hybrids are suitable for growing in cold summer greenhouses or in glazed greenhouses, but some specimens can be planted in open ground under a thick film.