What varieties of cucumbers are suitable for canning

It has long been a family tradition to prepare vegetable stocks for the winter, especially the most expensive and beloved cucumbers for all. This vegetable is the most desirable on the table, not only as an appetizer for dishes, but also as an ingredient in various salads. Harvested green harvest gherkins pleases with its beautiful bright green gherkins. A jar of canned cucumbers pulls the smell of fragrant marinade. Everyone likes to crunch pickled cucumbers with pleasure. In order to make them tasty, you need to carefully understand the varieties.

In the abundance of cucumber world varieties difficult to navigate. The need to choose varieties that are more suitable for canning, will be well preserved, have the best taste, all lovers of cucumbers wish. The appearance of the cucumber in the selection is taken into account in the first place, with a thorough inspection to the touch to move each vegetable. Fresh fruits will always have juiciness, and still crunch. Strong cucumbers with no defects and various damages have a great advantage in the selection. At first glance, in this process there is nothing difficult, this issue should be approached with a special baggage of knowledge, which is easy to acquire from this article.

Seed selection

The best cucumber seeds tested by experienced gardeners were selected precisely according to certain high requirements for canning. Their choice should be approached thoroughly, it is desirable to buy in specialized stores. Provided a certificate containing information about the year, data on germination, cleanliness, and other important indicators will help to make the right choice. At the same time, the risk of acquiring low-quality products is much reduced.

Tip! For cultivation in open ground, the seeds must be designed for a specific region.

When choosing seeds should be considered sustainability:

  • temperature drops;
  • to the wind;
  • to cold air;
  • to a low humidity level.

It is necessary to pay attention to the packaging, it must be dry, not damaged. Manufacturers pack products in colorful packaging, their inspiring description does not always come true. The best cucumber seeds have a long shelf life of up to eight years, and empty ones can be identified on the surface of salted water.

A warning! It is not recommended to soak the cultivated cucumber seeds purchased from the store with potassium permanganate; this can destroy them.

Top Grades

Proven best varieties for canning - mid and late ripening. They are grown not only in greenhouses, but also in open beds. The emergence of new varieties of cucumbers also does not guarantee the best properties of vegetables when canning. Of the many varieties of gherkins, not all are suitable because of the softness, or the taste parameters. Basically choose short cucumbers up to 15 cm. They have a thin skin and size that fits perfectly in a jar.

Important! Cucumbers should have fruits with a delicate skin that carefully absorbs pickle when canning.

Cucumbers differ in their morphological structure. Spikes can be black, white and brown. They perform the evaporative function, regulate the return of moisture. This contributes to the very rapid brine in cucumber during canning. High performance is always interrelated with the criteria for color, size, and the presence of thorns. Consider which varieties are best for canning.

Attention! Large-hilly varieties of cucumbers with black spikes are best to let pickle pickle.

Grade Nezhinsky

A popular bee pollinating, mid-season variety. Long-flowered, vigorous, mixed type of flowering. Get the first cucumbers can be on day 55 from germination. It has a small sized green leaves, oval large-shaped, weighing up to 100 grams. The surface of the cucumber is covered with black spikes. The crusty structure of a strong gherkin in canning has a soft pulp with a fragrant taste. It is characterized by excellent disease-resistant fruits. With excellent, long-term fruiting gherkins get the highest yield.

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Very unpretentious to agrotechnical measures, very resistant to drought.

Variety Vyaznikovsky 37

The oldest of the late ripened bee-pollinated cucumber varieties, which came to us from the middle of the last century, is in great demand. It has a light color of the fruit and an elongated, hilly shape. The average weight of gherkins reaches up to 100 grams. Black thorns and small tubercles cover the surface of the cucumber. Vyaznikovskiy 37 has proven to be the best in canning cucumbers. Allows you to harvest on day 50 after planting. Up to three kilograms of fruit can be obtained from one square meter.

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Remarkably resists diseases: bacteriosis and powdery mildew.

Variety Voronezh

Late-ripening type. It has a medium thick, leafy plant. Good germination rates, harmonious ripening of the crop comes on the 55th day. Aligned slightly ribbed Zelentsy, weighing up to 130 grams. It has a fragrant pleasant taste of cucumbers when canning. The surface of the gherkin pulp is dense, different crunchy properties. The grade is steady and unpretentious to diseases. It tolerates short-term cooling and drought.

Cucumber selection rules

Having chosen the best varieties, it is also necessary to reasonably select the best fruits for canning, adhering to the following requirements:

  • firm, elastic to the touch;
  • no damaged surfaces;
  • the presence of thorns, tubercles on the surface of the cucumber;
  • elastic tail of the fetus;
  • the absence inside the cucumber void when cut;
  • the minimum amount of cucumber seeds inside;
  • lack of bitterness.


Based on important recommendations and advice, it is possible to choose the best options for varieties. The right choice is a 100% guarantee of delicious salted cucumbers. Only after such a thorough control, you can not doubt the excellent selection. Amazing cucumbers will delight gardeners, gherkin lovers with their excellent quality and abundance.