Cucumber seeds for greenhouses near Moscow

Today, a greenhouse on a summer cottage in the Moscow region has become commonplace from the exotic, and gardeners are increasingly planting plants in greenhouses to obtain early harvests of garden crops. One of these very popular greenhouse crops are cucumbers.

Lovers of fresh and pickled cucumbers who want to grow them in a greenhouse, it is better to choose parthenocarpic hybrids, fruit-bearing without pollinating insects.

Important qualities for greenhouse cucumbers are disease resistance and shade tolerance.

Varieties for greenhouses are divided into three large groups. The first fruits in winter and spring, the second in spring and summer, the third in summer and autumn. First of all, it is necessary to decide whether cucumbers will grow in a greenhouse year-round or only in certain seasons.

Then you should answer the question: what is the need for ripening?

All varieties of cucumbers are rather arbitrarily divided into three groups:

  • early maturing: fruiting in less than forty-five days after germination;
  • mid-season: forty to fifty days;
  • late ripening; in fifty days.

If the greenhouse is large, you can try to choose varieties so that all the time to be with fresh cucumbers.

The second question, which is to answer yourself, going to the store to buy seeds: what will be used for cucumbers? There are also three groups here: for marinades and salting, for salads and universal.

Salad cucumbers have a thick rind. They are not suitable for pickles. The pickle will not be able to penetrate the thick skin and how to salt the vegetable.

The best choice for the small gardener will be universal varieties.

Important! Try to choose varieties in which the development of lateral shoots is genetically limited. Do not have to form a stem.

Going to the store to buy seeds, decide on the terms of fruiting and the scope of your crop, so as not to get lost in the sea of ​​the proposed varieties. However, even with a very narrow choice, the eyes will still run, and the best varieties for you will have to be chosen experimentally. Some help is possible.

The best varieties of cucumbers grown in Moscow greenhouses

The concept of "best" for everyone. Someone cares about productivity, someone ripening, someone taste, someone unpretentious. Everyone chooses according to their criteria.

Variety Zozulya

Yes exactly. Name received for the shape of the fruit. Already included in the state registry as recommended for cultivation in greenhouses in the LPH.

The diameter of the fruit is four to five centimeters, the weight is up to eighty grams. Early ripe, frost-resistant. In a knot from three female flowers. The flesh is sweet, juicy. The variety is universal.

Seeds are recommended to be sown immediately in the greenhouse in mid-May.