The leaves of the cucumbers in the greenhouse turned white

Only after the establishment of the true cause of white spots can you begin to eliminate the problem. Illiterate actions can cause the death of plants.

Causes of white spots

Cucumbers - one of the most popular vegetable crops. Many growers want to see it in their gardens, despite some difficulties associated with its cultivation. Cucumbers are very sensitive to adverse growing conditions: improper temperature conditions, lack of light, insufficient watering, poor ventilation. Plants react to the mistakes of gardeners by various changes: wilting, twisting the leaf plates, changing their color.

One of the biggest problems in growing cucumbers is the appearance of white spots on the leaves.

Various factors can cause this problem, but more often it is a fungal disease of powdery mildew. The virus infects the entire leaf plate, and it looks as if it has been sprinkled with flour.

In addition, the disease harms the young shoots and stems. The affected bush withers, dries, and if no action is taken quickly, the plant will die.

Powdery mildew mainly develops in greenhouses. Especially if the room is too high humidity from frequent and heavy irrigation and poor ventilation. And if the temperature regime is still poorly observed and the temperature in the greenhouse is low, then these are the most favorable conditions for the development of powdery mildew.

Affected leaves reverse their color, shrivel and die. The stems are far behind in development and eventually also disappear. If fruits appear on infected lashes, they ripen ahead of time. They are distinguished by underdevelopment, bad taste and low sugar content.

Gardeners are known for other diseases, as a result of which the leaves of cucumbers turn white.

Such an unpleasant phenomenon can cause white mosaic - a fungal viral disease, covering the leaf plate with spots in the form of white stars. With a strong infection, the leaves of the plant can turn white completely.

The affected bush ceases to bear fruit, or it gives a poor harvest of small fruits with a lumpy surface and colored with white and yellow stripes.

The appearance of white spots can cause infection with ascochitis.

The affected part of the leaf dries and cracks. With the development of the disease white spots become brown, the plant turns black and dries.

White flaky patina may appear on cucumber leaves, lower stems, fruits, and roots as a result of white rot infection.

Affected areas become soft, the plant fades and dies. When in contact with diseased areas of the plant, the fruit is also infected.

The yield on such a plant drops sharply.

Methods of dealing with the problem

Once it became clear why the leaves of cucumbers in the greenhouse were covered with white spots, you can start treating the plants.

To combat the powdery mildew, infusion of mullein is used.

For its preparation it is necessary to mix 1 kg of manure with 3 liters of water. The mixture should be infused for 3 days. Then strain it, add 3 liters of pure water and spray the diseased plant with the resulting solution.

Plants affected by white mosaic should be immediately removed from the garden bed.

All garden tools used for greenhouse work should be sanitized with a solution of potassium permanganate.

Next year, before planting seedlings need to treat the soil with disinfectants.

When signs of disease appear on the plant with white rot, it is necessary to remove the affected leaves and sprinkle the stems with fresh soil to form additional roots.

Plants affected by ascohitoz should be sprayed with Bordeaux mixture.

With a strong infection it is necessary to remove the diseased bushes from the garden and burn.

To prevent the emergence of diseases and get a good crop of cucumbers, you need to strictly adhere to certain rules for growing this crop.

Tip! When planting seedlings should not be located too close to each other, so that in future the planting is not compacted.

For normal growth, the bush needs good ventilation. In the process of growth, all lower leaves are best removed, so that fresh air can freely penetrate to the bottom of the bush.

Carefully monitor compliance with the temperature. Large temperature differences detrimental effect on plants and their fruits. There must be good ventilation in the greenhouse.

For irrigation, use only warm water. It is better to hold these events in the morning or evening. Do not get too carried away with various dressings. Cucumbers do not tolerate glut nutrients. During the entire growing season, prophylactic spraying should be carried out, for example, with a solution of urea. This will strengthen the plants and prevent the occurrence of diseases.