Cucumbers for central Russia for open ground

Many gardeners have the opinion that growing cucumbers is not very difficult, especially when the crop is intended for open ground. In some ways, of course, they are right, if there is accumulated experience behind them. Novice gardeners need to know when and on what ground it is better to plant cucumbers, as well as to be guided in the choice of seeds. Today we will talk about cucumber varieties, optimally suited for the middle band.

Basic rules for planting cucumbers in open ground

Optimally planted cucumbers in the middle lane taken at the end of May. Varieties intended for open ground can be planted with seeds or seedlings, as long as the land is warm at the time of planting.

To get a good crop of cucumbers in the middle lane, it is important to follow a few basic rules of planting:

  • To get healthy sprouts of cucumbers, the correct preparation of seeds will help. Immediately before sowing, seeds are warmed and moistened. This procedure will give the future plant immunity and reduce its incidence.
  • As for the cucumber bed, its preparation requires digging a small trench with approximate dimensions of 30x30 cm. The bottom of the trench is covered with humus about 15 cm thick, and above it is mixed with manure. As a result, a cucumber should have a bed with a small mound. Elevation is needed for good drainage.
  • Seeds are sown on a hill in one line. Each seed is buried in the ground to a depth of 2 cm. It is important to observe a step between the seeds of 15 cm, and the distance between rows should be at least 70 cm. From sprouted shoots choose stronger, and the rest are removed.
  • The middle zone is characterized by a cool climate, accompanied by morning frosts. To protect cucumbers from cooling the beds are covered with foil.

Many gardeners for open ground often use cucumber seedlings, trying to get early harvests. For such transplants, you must have a certain skill so as not to injure the root system of the plant.

Tip! Novice gardeners cucumber seedlings are best grown in peat cups. They perfectly rot in the soil and serve as an additional fertilizer for cucumber.

But, the main thing is that by planting a plant with a glass, the root system remains untouched. Such a plant does not get sick and immediately begins to grow rapidly.

The best varieties for novice gardeners

To get a good first crop of cucumbers on your plot you need to pick up seed material suitable for the climate of the middle zone. To begin with, it is desirable to give preference to varieties that are less demanding to care. After gaining experience, it will be possible to experiment next year with more fastidious plants. The best varieties for open ground can be called a lot of cucumbers, but for beginner gardeners it is advisable to try well-proven vegetables.



This, of course, is an incomplete list of varieties suitable for growing in the middle lane on open ground, but among a large variety of cucumbers - these can be considered most suitable for novice gardeners.