Cucumber seeds - the best varieties for open ground

Cucumber - the most widely known vegetable, which is grown, perhaps, in every garden. Despite the fact that tropical areas are considered to be his homeland, he has adapted well to the climate of domestic latitudes and is able to please the hosts annually with a rich, tasty harvest. It is not necessary to have a greenhouse or greenhouse at the site, the vegetable grows well on unprotected sites only with the condition that good cucumber seeds are picked for open ground.

Great taste

Vegetables grown with their own hands, first of all, should be tasty. The pronounced aroma, tenderness of the flesh and crunch in this case are the main characteristics. In order to navigate in a wide variety of varieties and to understand which cucumbers for open ground have the best taste, you need to familiarize yourself with the preferences of gourmets:


These varieties grown on open ground, are excellent for canning, because they have a thin skin, dense flesh and an increased amount of pectic substances. This makes cucumbers especially crunchy, even when prepared.

Rules for growing cucumbers in open areas

In order to grow the best varieties of cucumbers in open areas and get the desired vegetable with excellent taste and highest yield, you must follow some rules:

  • Cucumbers prefer to grow on nutrient soil, however, fresh manure causes a bitter taste in vegetables, so it should be introduced into the soil in the fall for partial rotting, or in spring in the form of compost.
  • Vegetable loves high humidity conditions, however, when grown in swampy areas, drainage should be provided - high ridges.
  • In the open ground, cucumbers are sown no earlier than May, because the culture is afraid of frost. For early harvests, seed sowing for seedlings should be provided.
  • Seedlings with three developed sheets are planted on an open garden bed. After adaptation, the plants make a nip (if necessary for the variety). This will allow to get 3-4 side shoots, which will form cucumbers.
  • It is recommended to pinch the first flowers and ovaries in order for the young plant to gain vitality.
  • Watering cucumbers should be carried out with warm water at the root during the day in the absence of direct sunlight or before sunrise, after sunset. This will prevent the accumulation of bitterness in vegetables and the rotting of fruits.

In order to become a successful gardener it is not enough just to have a land plot. It is necessary to stock up with a baggage of knowledge about which varieties of seeds are considered to be the best for growing in certain conditions, how to choose them correctly and how to care for the plant.

Reviews gardeners

Ekaterina Dmitrievna, 48 years old, Obninsk. In her gardener's practice, she planted many good varieties, but now she’s stopped at Picas cucumbers. Cucumbers are very tasty, sweet and with a characteristic crunch. I do not have a greenhouse on the site, but it is not needed, this variety is unpretentious and grows well in open beds. In general, a great option "to eat." Next year I will plant it again. Kochan Tatiana, 45 years old, Orel. Two years ago I was visiting a friend and tried a surprisingly long and very tasty cucumber. Curious "Who is he?". It turned out a variety called Crocodile Gena. A friend gave recommendations for growing and the next year I planted it in my open beds. Now the army of fans of this wonderful vegetable is regularly increasing. All my relatives, friends and acquaintances appreciate tasty cucumbers. Evgeny Vishnevsky, 56 years old, Saratov. Before the next summer season I chose cucumber seeds and came across Strema. Very surprised by the yield, which was indicated on the package, and decided to check. The blessing planted cucumbers in an open area of ​​the garden, because the plant turned out to be strongly growing and flooded a large area. At the same time, to my surprise, the harvest was really very rich: it was enough to eat and roll themselves and treat neighbors and friends. The taste of cucumbers is decent, so everyone was grateful! Will definitely plant this variety again.