Cucumber for salting and canning self-pollinated

Self-cured varieties of cucumbers for open ground and greenhouses by maturity are divided into 3 groups:

  • Early maturing;
  • Mid-season;
  • Late.

Tuberous thick-skinned fruits with thick flesh and black conical fibers on the skin are suitable for salting and canning.

Early ripening varieties

Varieties of cucumbers with a growing season before fruiting 40-45 days belong to the group of early ripening.

High-yielding variety "Siberian Salt"

The Siberian Salt, a cucumber hybrid variety that does not require pollination, is suitable for pickling and canning. Cucumber seedlings or seeds are planted in the greenhouse and open ground under the film coating when the soil temperature reaches 15 degrees. Planting depth up to 1.5 cm. Productivity increases in warm beds with light soil. Watering is desirable twice a day in the early morning and in the evening after the heat has fallen.

Active fruiting of "Siberian Salt" begins six weeks after the appearance of the first leaves above the soil surface. Fruit ovaries on lashes are arranged in groups. Small-crested cucumbers do not outgrow. The optimal size of greens is 6-8 cm. Taste without bitterness, average fruit weight 60g. Productivity to 10 kg from a lash. The tetrahedral form of pickling cucumbers is close to cylindrical.