Growth Stimulants of Tomato Seedlings

Tomato is a very useful vegetable for the body, with it you can cook a huge number of different dishes. Around the world, huge areas are set aside for its cultivation; the tomato is the most widely cultivated vegetable.

In Russia, the cultivation of tomatoes begins with planting seeds for seedlings. The desire of farmers to get a harvest as early as possible, is understandable. So, the culture has a rather long vegetative period.

Growing seedlings of tomatoes is associated with certain difficulties. Which quite successfully overcome experienced gardeners, but gardeners without experience can remain even without a crop. Tomato seedling is pulled out, becomes thin. There is no reason to expect a rich harvest from such plants. There is also another extreme when tomato seedlings slow down in growth.

But if you understand the reasons in time, take action, then you can help young plants.

Tomato seedling pulled out

The reasons why tomato seedlings are pulled out:

  • Lack of lighting. If you planted seeds for seedlings too early, when the daylight hours are still too short, or your windows face the north side;
  • Temperature too high. Growing tomato seedlings in an apartment is quite a complicated matter, since high temperature is required for seed germination, and for germination is much lower, and the air in the apartment is heated quite strongly;
  • Frequent feeding. Excessive care in the form of the desire to often feed tomato seedlings also does not lead to anything good. Especially bad for young plants is the effect of excess nitrogen fertilizers, which cause the growth of green mass to the detriment of rooting;
  • Abundant watering leads not only to the stretching of tomato seedlings, but also to the threat of such a dangerous disease as blackleg;
  • Thickening landings. There is little space to accommodate tomato seedlings, and I want to plant more, therefore some gardeners sow seeds often. And they emerge as a result of a dense forest. And from the first days of life shoots begin to struggle for existence, for each ray of the sun, shading each other. As a result, we obtain extended seedlings.

The lack of lighting is solved by additional lighting of young plants. For this purpose, fluorescent lamps, special fitolamps, LED lamps are used. Phytolamps are quite expensive and can not afford all gardeners. But LED lamps are gaining popularity, as they are affordable, they save energy and are easy to use.

Attention! Do not use for incandescent ordinary incandescent bulbs.

They do not have the spectrum necessary for plants. Therefore, lighting them completely useless for tomato seedlings.

If you are not able to arrange additional lighting for tomato seedlings, then be sure to make reflective screens. Place mirrors, foil screens or just white paper around the plants. Sunlight will be reflected from a shiny or white surface, and plants will receive it in greater volume.

Observe temperature conditions to avoid stretching tomato seedlings. As soon as shoots appear, reduce the temperature to +23 degrees. It is especially important to observe the temperature conditions in low light, reduce the temperature. The critical mark will be +15 degrees. Adjust the temperature by airing the room regularly. If you have the opportunity, then put the plants on the balcony or loggia. At low temperatures, the plants are hardened, never stretched, their stalk is thick, the leaves are dark green, the bushes are squat, stocky.

Do not overfeed young plants. At first, they have enough power, which is contained in the planting ground.

Attention! Excess nitrogen leads to the formation of green mass. Roots in development will lag behind. There should not be too much humus or compost in the planting ground.

But, if you think that the soil is poor in trace elements, it is best to feed the tomato seedlings 10 days after the pick. Use complex mineral fertilizers for seedlings.

Do not overtighten with picking, especially if the crops are thick. Otherwise, do not avoid pulling seedlings. A small plant is separated from the main mass along with an earthy lump using a toothpick and placed in a new 0.5 liter tank, in which drainage holes are made. Try to place the root system vertically, otherwise the development of seedlings will slow down by a week. Elongated plants need to be deepened to the cotyledons.

For watering use warm water when the earth lump dried out. High humidity will lead to diseases and stretching seedlings. How to avoid pulling seedlings, look at the video:

The lack of lighting or too low temperature affects the seedlings of tomatoes depressing. Especially the temperature is below +20 degrees.

Growth stimulants

Impact growth promoters for seedlings. They work on natural ingredients: growth hormones. They improve not only the health and immunity of plants, but also form the future harvest, increase the resistance of plants to diseases and to negative manifestations of the environment: lack of lighting, temperature drops, transplantation. Growth stimulant, which can be used if tomato seedlings are stunted: "Appin", "Biostim", "Kornevin" and others.


In time, the detected problem and its timely solution will save your crops from death. Follow the agrotechnology, especially not zealous with watering, harden the plants, feed and dive in a timely manner. And then your hopes for the harvest are translated into reality.