Cucumbers Dutch breeding for open ground

Holland is famous not only for all-season flower growing, but also for seed selection. Bred Dutch cucumber varieties have high yields, excellent taste, resistance to low temperatures and diseases, which makes them globally in demand, including from domestic farmers.

Features of the Dutch varieties

Most Dutch varieties are self-pollinating, which allows to get a rich crop of cucumbers, regardless of weather conditions. They are great for open and protected ground. Cucumbers of excellent quality at the genetic level are devoid of bitterness. However, as a rule, hybrids whose seeds are not intended for independent harvesting are self-pollinating. After collecting such a crop once, the next year, the seeds will have to be bought again.

Bee pollinated cucumber varieties are also proposed by the Dutch selection. They are in demand among gardeners who "rely" not on the volume of the crop, but on its quality. It is believed that such cucumbers are more fragrant, crunchy. Their great taste is manifested not only in fresh, but also rolled up, salting. Among these seeds, you can pick up "clean", non-hybrid (without F), which will allow you to harvest the seeds in the required volume on your own.

Popular Dutch varieties

The main parameter when choosing a seed variety is the method of pollination of a plant. From this will depend on the landing site, yield. You should also pay attention to the period of fruiting, bushiness and growing conditions. Faced with the choice of cucumber seeds for the first time, it is useful to pay attention to the popular options that are widely in demand from professional farmers. Such varieties over the years in practice prove their high adaptability to domestic latitudes, which allows them to be the best among their peers.


The most famous Dutch cucumber hybrid. Treats the category of self-pollinated, adapted for cultivation in greenhouses and on the open areas. Early ripening, the fruiting period is 43-45 days after seed emergence.

Cucumbers of this variety are light green, hilly, with a small amount of white thorns. The length of the fruit is less than 12 cm, its weight is 85-90 g. In one fruit-bearing node, 2-3 ovaries are formed, which ensures a high yield of vegetables - 28 kg / m2. Cucumbers Angelina suitable for preservation.

Choosing cucumber seeds, pay attention to the logo "produced in Holland". After all, this inscription is a guarantee of product quality and the key to a successful harvest.