Cucumbers gherkins for open ground

Pickled cucumbers for many are a favorite snack at a festive feast. Moreover, gourmets have special requirements for vegetables. First of all, the cucumber should be small, smooth, with small seeds, and most importantly, crisp. Gherkins, whose fruit does not exceed 10 cm in length, meet all these requirements. Thanks to the painstaking work of breeders, varieties have appeared for open ground, with which we will become acquainted today.

What is this grade

The fashion for pickled small cucumbers went from the French. Often in many recipes or descriptions found another name - pickles. Many so called gherkins. However, this is an erroneous opinion, because pickles are nothing but the general designation of pickled vegetables. Summer residents often collect pickled cucumbers from the bushes for preservation and roll them into banks, showing off to the guests, so-called gherkins. However - this is just an unripe cucumber.

There are special varieties of cucumbers, the adult fruit of which can not grow more than 5 or 10 cm. This is the real gherkins. In this group there is another subgroup of varieties with ready-made fruits of no more than 5-7 cm in size. They are called mini-gherkins.

Some summer residents have the opinion that real gherkins can be grown only in a greenhouse, and in the absence of such a structure, the owners continue to pluck the unripe fruits of ordinary varieties for canning. Do not despair, because among the many gherkins are varieties designed for open ground. We will talk about their diversity and methods of cultivation.

Secrets of gherkin cultivation

The method of growing cornichons, even if the varieties are intended for open ground, is slightly different from traditional cucumbers. The fact is that they are very thermophilic and a seed thrown into the cold earth may simply not ascend. Gherkins can be planted on a bed of seeds or seedlings, but if you use the first method, the sowing should be done no earlier than June. At this time, the soil is warm enough. Better for open ground use seedlings. It is best planted on the vacant plot of the garden after harvesting early greenery.

Important! The method of planting seeds and growing seedlings of gherkins is the same as for ordinary cucumbers. The only difference is in the cups for seedlings. Gherkins for good root development requires glasses of greater capacity, for example, 0.5 liters. Let it be low, but, most importantly, wide.

Many varieties of gherkins, intended for open ground, are characterized by weak branching. However, the seedlings in the garden densely can not be planted. Optimally on 1 m2 arrange 3 plants.

As for the soil, it should be loose with an acidity of 6-7 pH. The area of ​​the vegetable garden allotted for cucumbers every 5 years should be fertilized with manure at the rate of 10 kg per 1 m.2. Before planting, the seedlings are digging a trench with the depth of the spade bayonet, the bottom is covered with hay, and mineral fertilizer is applied. All this is covered with compost 15 cm thick and covered with soil. On the resulting puff pie digging holes, where he planted seedlings. For the first feeding of the root system, humus can be added to the wells.

The video shows the landing of gherkins in open ground:

"Moravian Gherkin"

According to the characteristics of this cucumber can be called a fellow "Paris gherkin". The plant is similarly designed for open ground and requires pollination by bees.

Among the less popular varieties can be identified mini-gherkins "Red mullet", "Mikado", "Tablecloth - the ground", "Nastya." They have not the worst characteristics and won their popularity in certain circles of gardeners.

Preferring any of the gherkins, do not plant a bed of one sort. It is better to plant in the open ground several varieties of cucumbers with different ripening times. This will enable the whole summer to harvest and decide on a more suitable variety for the home garden.