Cucumber Buyan

Growing cucumbers in our country is very developed. This vegetable is the most popular and most popular on our tables. Early ripening varieties and hybrids are especially popular due to the short summer period and the small number of sunny days. Hybrid "Buyan" familiar to many gardeners, talk about it today.

The main characteristics of the hybrid

Cucumber "Buyan" produced by many agribusinesses, to find it on store shelves is quite simple. It was withdrawn by specialists of the company "Manul" in 1997, which is located in the city of Mytischi. In the table below we presented the main characteristics of this hybrid cucumber, so that it would be easier for a novice gardener to decide on the choice of seeds on the eve of the planting season.

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Of great importance for those who are engaged in the cultivation of cucumbers, have the following characteristics:

  • maturation rate;
  • susceptibility to diseases;
  • growing scheme;
  • type of pollination;
  • description of the plant and fruits.

Going for cucumber seeds, you should always pay attention not only to the picture and packaging, but also to the information that the manufacturer indicated on the label. For everyone who has decided to start growing cucumbers for the first time, today we will discuss a few special terms.



Description for hybrid "Buyan"


Early, fruiting comes in 45 days

Fruit Description

High commodity qualities, the length of cucumber is 8-11 centimeters, with tubercles, taste is gentle without bitterness; fruit weight 70-100 grams

Growing pattern


Recommendations for growing the state register of selection achievements of the Russian Federation

Central, Volgo-Vyatka and North-West region

Type of pollination


Resistance to diseases and viruses

Powdery mildew, downy mildew, olive spot, cucumber mosaic virus


About 9 kilograms per square meter


Fresh and salted / preserved

Growing up

In greenhouses and open ground

The minimum number of ovaries in the site of a hybrid cucumber is 2, and the maximum is 7. At the same time, the hybrid "Buyan" is characterized by medium branching. This process is constrained by abundant fruiting. The description of this hybrid by the manufacturer also raises the question of the demands on the presence of sunlight. "Buyan" is light-requiring and the yield is largely dependent on the abundance of heat and sunlight.

Growing cucumbers is always associated with a number of features, so it is worth more to touch on this serious topic.

Growing a hybrid

Before we talk about how to grow a big crop of the Buyan hybrid, it is necessary to touch on the topic of pollination, which is very important when growing any variety and a hybrid of cucumbers.

Going for seeds to the store, on the package you can often see the inscription "parthenocarpic hybrid." Not all gardeners know what this term means, so they try not to pay attention to it. And in vain. Here and cucumber "Buyan" parthenocarpic type.

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Partenocarpic cucumber is able to bear fruit without pollination. In the case of cucumbers, it is extremely important.

Tip! Partenocarpic varieties are necessary when growing cucumbers in a greenhouse, where bees do not fly. Variety of cucumbers "Buyan" can be planted safely in closed ground.

A little explanation from the video on this topic:

Now let's talk about growing. The manufacturer recommends planting seedlings according to the following scheme:

  • in the greenhouse - 2.5 plants per square meter;
  • in open ground - no more than 4 bushes per square.

The density of planting affects the yield, so in this case it is better to strictly follow the recommendations.

On the seedling hybrid cucumber "Buyan" planted in May. It should be remembered that cucumbers love heat very much. Watering seedlings carried water at room temperature.

Some gardeners argue about whether to soak and disinfect the seeds before planting. There is no special rule on this score, but if the planting material is purchased from proven agricultural firms, then they do not need to be prepared. A good manufacturer independently conducts the preparation of seeds, and they are fully prepared for planting. As for soaking, this process will accelerate germination.

Transplanting seedlings to ground

Healthy seedlings of cucumber hybrid "Buyan" can be planted in open ground, spring greenhouses or tunnels at the age of 20 days. At this time, the weather outside the window should be stable. Cucumber seedlings should have at the same time 3-4 true leaves. When growing cucumbers "Buyan" in a seedless way, it is better to pre-soak the seeds.

Soil requirements are a separate issue. Cucumbers need to:

  • soil pH should be neutral;
  • organic fertilizers are applied in advance;
  • soil fertility is a must.

It will be possible to harvest the first harvest of cucumber hybrid "Buyan" already 45 days after the first shoots appeared.

When transplanting cucumber seedlings in open ground, you need to follow the scheme, keeping 40-50 centimeters between the beds. Cucumbers hybrid "Buyan" grow well in sunny areas, but in the absence of such, you can plant seedlings in partial shade.

Plant Care

To get a rich crop of cucumbers, you need to properly care for the plants. Tell you about some secrets.

A place to grow cucumbers should not only be sunny, but also protected from the wind. Cucumbers are extremely negative about this. The optimum temperature for growing is + 23-30 degrees Celsius.

Important! Modern cucumber hybrids, including the "Buyan", do not require staging, you do not need to pinch the shoots.

In order for cucumbers to produce a good harvest and not have bitterness, it is required:

  • weed and loosen the soil;
  • irrigate in a timely manner and only with warm water.

As for such an important stage as watering cucumbers, it is better to select a barrel for this. It is filled with water, which is heated to air temperature. Watering cucumbers with cold water will limit their growth. Liquid fertilizer and water cucumbers in cold weather is impossible. Also, do not allow the soil to dry out. This will lead to the fact that bitterness accumulates in the fruits of cucumber, and it is impossible to get rid of it.

In addition, under the plants of cucumber is required to make fertilizer. This is especially true during the period of active growth and flowering. As for loosening the soil, it should be done quite carefully. Cucumbers have a very delicate root system that can be damaged.

Reviews gardeners

Consider the reviews of those gardeners that have already planted a hybrid "Buyan" on their plots and received a harvest.

Yulia Kondratenko, Samara. For the first time I planted a hybrid “Buyan” last year. I bought the seeds of the agricultural firm "Manul". I liked cucumbers gherkins, the whole harvest was rolled up in banks for the winter. Before planting, I soaked the seeds, and watered the soil with a weak solution of manganese. All the seeds came up to one. In open ground transplanted its seedlings in early June. Bitterness in cucumbers is not at all, they are juicy and tasty. One minus of the Buyan cucumber hybrid will not lie for a long time, but this applies to all the early ripening varieties. Valery Kim, Lipetsk Among them, there is always "Mother-in-law" and "Buyan". As for the latter, cucumbers are really good in taste, the plants do not get sick for the whole season, at least I did not come across any diseases. We use both for salting, and for marinating. You can use the hybrid "Buyan" fresh, cucumber taste pronounced.


The hybrid "Buyan", the photos of which are presented in this article, is an excellent product of domestic breeders. It is worth paying attention to those who need spring-summer cucumbers with thin skin and pleasant taste.