Zucchini Hero

Proponents of a healthy and dietetic food widely use zucchini in their diet. Vegetable is low in calories, it is easily digested and does not cause allergies. Zucchini fried, boiled, stuffed, used for cooking caviar and eaten raw. It is included in the baby food menu and is recommended for use by people with diseases of the digestive system. Many housewives grow this wonderful vegetable in their garden. To do this, choose the best varieties of zucchini and put some effort and effort in order to get a rich harvest of healthy vegetables. According to experienced gardeners, the best includes zucchini varieties "Hero". This vegetable is not whimsical in cultivation, differs in the rich content of useful substances and tasty, juicy pulp. You can see the photo of the vegetable and find out the agrotechnical features of the variety, the rules of its cultivation by reading the following article.

In the cleaned and prepared land can safely plant zucchini varieties "Hero" on the second turn. Such a system of cultivation allows you to be content with vegetables in the required volume, without occupying large areas on the land plot.


Squash varieties "Hero" are very tasty and healthy. Rich trace element composition makes these vegetables a treasure trove of vitamins. Without danger, both adults and small children can eat zucchini, as the product does not cause allergies. It is very easy to grow vegetables of the "hero" variety on your site. You do not need to have special knowledge and years of experience. Squashes are sown with seeds directly into the ground, and all subsequent care of the crop consists of the most familiar manipulations. It is worth noting that “Hero” zucchini is a real find for farmers who have small plots, because at the same place with the help of this unique variety you can easily get a double crop of vegetables for one season.


Alexandra Solovyova, 32, Voronezh. This zucchini was first tried to be sown last summer. I really liked the variety: seed germination was almost 100%, the plants grew quickly, the squashes themselves matured no later than 1.5 months after sowing the germinated seeds into the ground. The taste of vegetables is excellent. We were pleased with a very thin skin that does not need to be cut, even when cooking fresh salads. Pulp zucchini juicy and very crispy. For myself, I took the “Hero” variety on a note and, if possible, I will grow it in the future. Viktoria Volok, 38, Perm Zucchini “Hero” are wonderful. There are never any problems, they always sprout well and bear excellent fruit. Like the zucchini of other varieties, "Hero" does not have a bright taste, however, the fresh crunch is an excellent addition to vegetable salads. I grow zucchini in open beds: I sow a smaller part of the seeds in May, most of them at the same place in early June. Squashes grown in the summer-autumn turnover, I save for storage. By the way, vegetables are stored excellently for 2-3 months.