New cucumbers

In preparation for the planting season, some gardeners prefer proven cucumber seeds. Others along with the usual varieties are trying to plant new items. Before you buy an unknown type of seed, you should familiarize yourself with its cultivation features, taste characteristics and application.

New hybrids universal destination

On the shelves you can find many varieties of cucumbers. Regarding their purpose, the fruits are presented:

  • for salting;
  • salad dressing;
  • universal.

Salad cucumbers have a pleasant sweetish taste, they have a thin, smooth skin. For pickling fruits characterized by thick skin, brittleness, they contain much more pectin.

The following are some new items designed for both canning and direct use.



New among the cucumber seeds glad gardeners useful properties. Valuable hybrids, a bountiful crop and resistant to weather extremes are valued. If you plant the early varieties, you can collect your cucumbers before the beginning of autumn. When choosing a hybrid, it is important not to forget to look at the destination of the fruit. Along with the salad or canning, are presented universal varieties. To get a big harvest, it remains to comply with the conditions of growing plants.