The most productive cucumbers

The desire of every amateur gardener is to see the result of his work, and for gardeners, this result is yield. When breeding new cucumber varieties, breeders pay special attention to two indicators - the resistance of new varieties to characteristic diseases and the number of fruits during the growing season. However, among the variety of hybrids, there are those that occupy leading places in quality and yield.

The best harvest hybrids

When choosing seeds for powerful seedlings, and after a high yield of hybrids, be sure to pay attention to the presence of the symbol on the package. It means that these seeds are the best in effectiveness and are obtained by crossing two different varieties.

Attention! Choosing seeds for planting, be sure to read the instructions. Growing conditions for seedlings and plants should fully comply with your living conditions.

In addition, be sure to keep in mind that the hybrid must belong to the group of "early" and have a long growing season. Also pay attention to the ripening period of cucumbers - its choice depends on the purpose of using the fruit. For example, if you want to get early fruits for salads, then you need to dwell on high-yielding varieties of spring and summer. If the purpose of growing becomes canning vegetables - choose hybrids with a ripening period of "summer-autumn."

Cucumber seeds, highly appreciated by experienced gardeners:


The most fruitful cucumber varieties, which are undoubted sales leaders in the agricultural markets of Russia. The seedling is planted at a distance of 1.5-2m, since varieties belong to the group of shrubs. Seeds are planted in late spring or summer, the growing season - 40-45 days. During the period of yield from one bush can be removed up to 15 kg of cucumbers. Both one and the second variety require a large amount of organic fertilizers, as the powerful and rapid growth of the plant quickly depletes even the most fertile soil.


In order to get a high-quality and high yield, take into account the growing conditions, the regularity of watering and feeding the plant with organic fertilizers. When choosing seeds, consider which variety or hybrid can best suit your needs - the time of year and the number of harvested crops, the purposes for which they are used. Carefully follow the instructions for planting seeds and growing seedlings, most likely, seedlings will require separately prepared soil with components such as tori or humus.