Cucumber Chinese snake: description of the variety, photos, reviews

The cucumber Chinese snake has been cultivated in Russia for about 10 years. In 2015, entered into the State Register with the recommendation of cultivation on protected ground. In conditions of greenhouses gives a stable high yield, it is possible to grow a crop in open ground in the southern regions.

Cucumber Reviews Chinese Snakes

Raisa Ivanova, 32, Voronezh Ogurts Chinese snakes grow for 2 years, attracted a variety with the unusual form of green men. When planted, doubted in taste, hybrids are rarely fragrant and quite tasty. The Chinese serpent pleasantly surprised me. Productivity is very high, before such an indicator was not achieved with any variety of culture. Plant undemanding in the care, planted seedling method. The only negative, in my opinion, poor germination of sowing material - only 6 rose from 10 seeds. Tatyana Zaytseva, 48 years old, Moscow region Cucumbers Chinese saw snakes from friends, an exotic plant, during fruiting looks unusual. This year I planted a tall bush in my greenhouse, I had to pinch my crown at 1.8 m - this is the height of the trellis. The harvest from one plant received in 20 kg, quite unexpectedly. The taste of the variety is amazing, the flesh is dense, there is practically no seed, the fruits grew very quickly, did not have time to collect. Cucumbers are tasty in salting, hard, crunchy, without voids.