Apivitaminka: instructions for use

Apivitaminka for bees: instructions, methods of use, reviews of beekeepers - all this is recommended to study before you start using the drug. This drug is usually used by beekeepers to stimulate and develop bee colonies. In addition, the additive is actively used for the treatment and prevention of many infectious diseases that bees are susceptible to.


Vladimir Dronov, 56 years old, Moscow. I have been using the booster for a long time. I give the drug to both weakened families, and in order to prevent diseases. For all the time use of side effects is not found. Insects in a short period of time come back to normal and start to work. Evgeny Aksenov, 39 years old, Ulyanovsk, began using the Ativitamin several years ago as a preventive measure. I managed to notice that if you use according to the attached instructions, you can eat honey on a common basis - taste does not change, besides, the bees do not get sick.