Micronucleus: what is it, making your own hands

Nucleus helps the beekeeper to receive and fertilize young queens using a simplified system. The device structure resembles a beehive, but there are some nuances. Nuclei are large and miniature - micronuclei. A beekeeper must have good experience in order to be able to form a family and hatch a womb.

What is a nucleus

So that the wintering of the cores and weak bee colonies is successful, the beekeeper conducts training. Optimally to get a developed family of bees, the uterus should be moved no later than July 25. Sowing will go from this queen.

In connection with bad weather conditions or if it is impossible to take out an apiary, the honey collection ends prematurely. Bees require additional feeding with syrup in an amount of 250 to 350 g per nucleus. For 1 or 2 days feed about 2 liters of syrup.

For the winter, each family of bees is provided with 4 half-frames filled with honey. With the onset of cold weather, the nuclei are put in omshanik, put on top of the hives. On the top tier bees will be warmer.


The nucleus is a convenient invention and is available to every experienced beekeeper. The beekeeper has the ability to independently breed queens, to increase families, without buying bee packages.