Why dry and fall leaves of cucumbers in the greenhouse

To understand why the leaves of cucumbers dry in a greenhouse, you can, after careful study of the conditions of growing vegetables. There can be many reasons: from improper watering and oversupply of fertilizers to the attack of pests or the occurrence of viral diseases. By eliminating the error, you can quickly restore the normal condition of the cucumber bushes and save the harvest.

Dry leaves: what could be the cause

Cucumbers - quite capricious culture. Beginners taking their first steps in vegetable production face many problems, one of which is the gradual yellowing and drying of the leaves. There can be many reasons, among the main ones:

  • insufficient watering;
  • too dry air in the greenhouse;
  • excess or lack of nutrients in the soil;
  • plant damage by pests;
  • sunburn;
  • viral or fungal disease.

To understand what exactly caused the drying of the leaves, it is important to examine the affected plant. Pay attention to the appearance of the affected leaves, their color, the presence of dust, cobwebs, dots or spots. Much depends on the general condition of the cucumber bush, as well as on how the rest of the planting looks.

Problems with care

Dry leaves can appear even in very young seedlings. Among the main reasons:

  • lack of moisture;
  • wrong soil composition;
  • insufficient or excessive food;
  • unsuccessful place to place plants;
  • too dry air in the room.

It is impossible to use purchased soil for planting seeds, it is not sufficiently nutritious. Ideal - a mixture of garden land with peat or humus.

It is possible to add a small amount of sand. Heavy clay soils cause stagnation of moisture, the leaves on the plants will turn yellow and fall off. It is important to use the same ground that will be laid out along the beds in the greenhouse.

An abrupt change of soil can affect the condition of the plants, they will stop growing and start dropping leaves.

Proper watering is very important. It is necessary to use only warm water, thawed, separated or boiled. Hard or cold water can cause shock in young plants, the leaves will begin to curl and dry, and then fall off. The same phenomenon is observed with insufficient watering.

It is necessary to moisten the ground in containers with seedlings daily, before the emergence of shoots, the boxes are covered with plastic wrap.

Young plants should be protected from drafts and sudden changes in temperature.

Before planting, a complex mineral fertilizer is applied to the soil. Top dressings with the minimum content of nitrogen are preferable, it can also influence a condition of leaves. Instead of mineral complexes, you can use organic matter: an aqueous solution of mullein or bird droppings. After feeding, the plants must be watered with clean warm water. Fertilizers caught on the leaves will dry them, weakening the plants.

Features of the content in the greenhouse

Leaves may be affected by too dry air. For normal growth of cucumbers a constant level of humidity not lower than 85% is necessary. Barrels with water for irrigation, placed near the plantings, will help to provide the right atmosphere. Watering by sprinkling is very useful, moisture is sprayed over the plants, maintaining the normal state of the leaves and stems. If there is no rain installation, cucumbers are poured from a hose with a fine-mesh spray.