Herbicide Corn Processing

Growing corn in a small area or in the field requires a certain care. One of the most important rules of agricultural technology in this case is the destruction of weeds throughout the entire period of crop growth. With a large area of ​​landings, manual weeding becomes impracticable, and here the herbicide for corn comes to the aid of farmers.

The rules for the treatment of maize with special preparations directly depend on the type of the herbicide itself - whether they carry out the treatment before planting, after sowing, or already during the crop growth period.

But nevertheless it is possible to allocate a number of the general recommendations for processing of corn:

  • before applying the chemical, it is necessary to loosen the soil, otherwise seeds or parts of the root system of the weeds that the preparation does not act on can remain in the clods, and they will re-germinate;
  • moisten the soil before applying the herbicide, as the preparations may dry it out;
  • weather conditions affect the processing efficiency, so the introduction of herbicides during precipitation, with strong winds and low temperatures is undesirable;
  • when processing before the emergence of sprouts it is necessary to ensure that the drug does not penetrate below the level of the seeds;
  • after application after emergence it is necessary to wait for 3 - 5 leaves;
  • spraying the leaves is highly effective, but only in the case of the simultaneous use of additional funds that improve the anchoring of the solution on the leaves. Otherwise, most of the herbicide will not work;
  • it must be remembered that some of the components of the drug can penetrate into the corn itself, so the last treatment should be carried out no later than 1 month before collecting the cobs.
Important! An instruction is attached to any drug, where its exact dosage is indicated. If it is not followed, the chemical may either not work or it may burn the corn itself.


Corn herbicide is an effective and reliable means to get rid of weeds on the site. The correct choice of the drug ensures rapid destruction of weeds and long-term protection against their occurrence.