Gooseberry Ural emerald: description of the variety, photos, reviews

Gooseberry "Emerald" - an early variety intended for cultivation in a short Siberian summer. Able to tolerate low temperatures. A characteristic feature of the variety, along with frost resistance, is the ability of high fruiting, unpretentious care and high taste qualities of the fruit. "Emerald" feels comfortable in the conditions of Siberia and the climate of the Southern latitudes.

History of breeding varieties

Gooseberry Besshipny "Emerald" ("Ural Emerald") - the result of the breeding work of the South Ural Research Institute in Chelyabinsk. The originator of the variety is considered V. S. Ilyin. Gooseberry is obtained from the "Pervents Minusinsk" and "Nugget". The Ural Emerald was created for growing in the West Siberian region. In 2000, the variety is listed in the State Register.

To combat parasites use special herbicides suitable for the type of pest.


Emerald gooseberry due to its frost resistance is ideal for cultivation in regions with a cold climate. The early ripe grade completely ripens by the end of summer. "Emerald" Gives a good harvest of large, sweet, fragrant berries. Suitable for growing in personal and farm. For a long time lies and successfully transports transportation.


Semenova Irina Vladimirovna, 43, MinusinskSort "Ural Emerald" is a godsend for our climate, gooseberry is frost-resistant, the taste of berries is sweet, as if they ripened under the southern sun. The plot in the country is a small, compact bush does not take much space, I harvest up to 4 kg from one plant. We eat fresh berries, freeze the rest, add the whole winter to the assortment of black currants, cherries, cook compotes. Igor Igorovich Starykh, 60 years old, Nizhny Tagil I have the Ural Emerald growing for 6 years, there has not been a single case of gooseberries was sick Before blooming buds, in the early spring I spray the shrub with copper sulphate, necessarily dig the soil and pour it with soapy water. By autumn, I cut off old branches and remove them from the site, mulching the ground with straw. In summer, all the work done is fully justified when I harvest. Shrub varieties "Ural Emerald" about 1.5 meters gives 5 kg or more.