The raspberry variety Bryansk Divo: photos and description

The variety of raspberry varieties obtained in recent years is impressive. Here appeared also remontant varieties capable of producing either several small waves of fruiting several times a year or flowering and abundantly bearing fruit, starting from the second half of the summer and up to the most frost. Among the last unchanging love among gardeners and gardeners uses raspberry Bryansk marvel. Initially, it seems that this raspberry variety is completely free from flaws, as it is good in many ways. Of course, this is not the case; there will always be flaws, but the number of its merits clearly outweighs the balance. No wonder the variety Bryansk marvel is equally popular among amateur gardeners and professionals involved in the commercial cultivation of raspberries.

The amazing berry is raspberry, and tasty, and fruitful, and so useful that every family always has a jar of raspberry jam in case of a cold. And now you can enjoy it when planting different varieties from June to the most frost.