Pruning apple trees in winter

The one who grows apple trees knows that the care of fruit trees includes the annual pruning of the branches. This procedure allows you to properly form the crown, regulate plant growth and increase yield. You can do pruning in early spring or late autumn, but experienced gardeners and professionals know that pruning apples in the winter is the best option. Further, in the section we will talk about why fruit trees should be pruned during the winter period and how to do it correctly.

Thus, the winter season is at the same time the most benign and, at the same time, dangerous time for pruning apple trees. Winter frosts stop the movement of juices and inject the plant into a state of sleep, "anesthesia". The danger lies in the fragility of the bark and wood. The slightest awkward movement can damage the plant. That is why you need to get to work with caution and patience. You should not hurry, because each new cut is a wound for a tree. Try to be careful and responsible "surgeon" in this situation, and then surely everything will turn out "perfectly well."