Apple tree Antonovka: Dessert, Golden, Half-pound, Ordinary

The most famous and popular apple tree in Russia is Antonovka. An old variety of apples can be found in Siberia. The tree is valued for its yield, unpretentiousness, and the fruit - a characteristic captivating smell and versatility. The variety Antonovka is very plastic, there are a large number of species with closely related features.


Masha, 31 years old, Ryazan region. In our garden there are three Antonovka of one kind. We harvest jam from apples, drench in a barrel. Vitamin support! I remember that after long rains, grandfather took a long metal rod and pierced the ground under the apple trees. He said that it was easier for them to breathe ... Vadim, 37 years old, Chelyabinsk region. It is beneficial to buy seedlings on dwarf rootstocks. They begin to bear fruit faster: 2-4 years after planting. Bought Dessert Antonovku five years ago. Apples have already tried. The fragrance is above all praise! Vitaly G., 60 years old, ZhukovkaAntonovka is a glorious variety. I put my pound about thirty years ago. We drink little of it fresh, mostly wet it. And recently, they began to dry in a fruit electric drier. Compotes in the winter - with a wonderful aroma.