Sweet cherry in memory of Astakhov

Among the young varieties of cherries, popular in a narrow circle of gardeners, one stands out. The Cherry in memory of Astakhov, recently bred, is of considerable interest among lovers of fruit trees - so it is interesting to understand its features.

History of breeding varieties

This variety is of Russian origin: the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Lupine is its originator, and the famous breeder M. Kanshina took direct part in breeding. Named variety in honor of her husband, also a famous breeder. A record on the new variety was made recently in the State Register - in 2014.

Description of the cherries of Memory Astakhov

Outwardly, the sweet cherry is a medium tree with a height of no more than 4 m, with dark-gray flaky bark on the main trunk. Spreading crown slightly rounded outlines formed by shoots: lower, gray-brown, arranged horizontally, and brown upper inclined to the main trunk. Crown density is medium, flat green leaves with teeth along the edges are kept on medium-sized petioles. Cherry blossoms early, releasing small white flowers - 3 on each inflorescence.