Cherries Valery Chkalov

Cherries Valery Chkalov appeared thanks to the efforts of domestic scientists. A number of advantages have made the variety popular in the field of large and small-scale gardening. This species is resistant to cold, drought. He will delight the early rich harvest of juicy sweet fruit. Sweet cherry variety Valery Chkalov is a famous variety, proven by time and connoisseurs of tasty berries.

Breeding history

Work on this type of sweet cherry took several years. Central Genetic Laboratory. I. V. Michurin and Melitopol Experimental Station of Horticulture. MF Sidorenko jointly bred a new variety. The free pollination of the Caucasian Pink Sweet Cherry contributed to the emergence of new-type seedlings. After the test procedures, the frost-resistant sweet cherry was named after the pilot, Valery Chkalov. The grade is brought in the State registry in 1974.


Elena Moskina, Krasnodar Territory Valery Chkalov planted a sweet cherry five years ago. Neighbors in the cottage advised. They have adult planting, bring great harvests of berries. This summer, collecting fruit from her tree. They pleased with the large size, sweet taste. I do not spend a lot of time and energy on caring for cherries. Standard care: prevention of diseases, pests, pruning, regular watering. In response, the tree is pleased with its rapid growth, high-quality berries. Ekaterina Toropova, Moscow Region For a long time Valery Chkalov did not dare plant a sweet cherry on her site. In winter, we have severe frosts. I thought that the tree would not survive. Planted on trial three seedlings. Caring in accordance with simple recommendations. Before the first wintering carefully covered cuttings. Before the start of the new season, she discovered that the young trees did not suffer during the winter. A few years later we were already harvesting the first major harvest.