Apricot Plum

Apricot plum - skoroplodny hybrid of apricot and plum. The variety with a rich history has become a favorite of many summer residents, commercial gardeners. Unpretentiousness in leaving, excellent taste of fruits, high frost resistance - considerable advantages of Apricot plum over other fruit crops.

History of breeding varieties

The history of the variety begins in the last century. For 30 years, the breeder from the USA, Floyd Zeiger, conducted experiments to obtain a new variety. Crossing plum with apricot gave the result in the form of a hybrid - apricot plum.

Plum Apricot Description

Apricot plum has several subspecies:

  • Ploot;
  • Plumkot;
  • Aprium

Each of the species is resistant to harsh winters. The zone of their cultivation extends to the northern, southern regions.

Hybrid trees are low - no more than 2.5 m. The krone is in many ways like a plum tree. Very often it is a drooping form with foliage of medium thickness. Plant blooms with white flowers in early April. Fruits ripen by July-August.

Each of the varieties of plum apricot has common features in the description of the fruit:

  1. Large size. One fruit weighs from 30 to 70 g.
  2. Oval-shaped plums.
  3. Green-pink, yellow or purple skin with a waxy coating.
  4. The pulp of a fruit differs in special juiciness, density.