Spirea Golden Carpet, Magic Carpet and Green Carpet

Spirea Magic Carpet is the common name for a group of Japanese spireas. Literally, magic carpet means a magic carpet. And indeed it is. Sparey Group Carpet is a short shrub, which is more applicable with the word "groundcover."

Varieties that are included in the group "Japanese Spirea Magic Carpet":

1. Valbum (Spiraea japonica Walbuma).

2. Sparkling (Spiraea japonica Sparkling Carpet).

3. Golden (Spiraea japonica Golden Carpet).

4. Green (Spiraea japonica Green Carpet).

5. White (Spiraea japonica White Carpet).

The variety of varieties of ornamental ground cover should be considered more carefully.


Spirea Magic Carpet is an absolutely unpretentious shrub that is able to decorate the landscape of any backyard. Bloom any of the varieties of Carpet spirea group is capable of already on the shoots of the first year of vegetation, which further enhances the beauty and popularity of these varieties. When choosing the spirea of ​​the Carpet group, it should be remembered that they tolerate the Russian winters well and do not freeze out without additional cover.

There is no doubt when choosing - the minimum care and durability of the plant will force the garden to play a diverse palette of colors.