Tomato Dubok

Fans of early tasty tomatoes grown in the sun, and, preferably, unpretentious, often planted variety "Dubok", also known as "Dubrava", bringing a large number of tomatoes.

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Characteristics and description of the variety

The variety was bred in the USSR for cultivation in open ground in Ukraine, in Moldova and in the south of the Russian Federation and is well known to pensioners. In greenhouses it can be grown north. Fans of year-round fresh tomatoes obtained by their own, manage to grow this sort of tomato, even at home on the windowsill.

The state registry "Oak" is recommended for subsidiary and small farms. It is convenient because the height of the bush does not exceed 70 cm, since the variety is determinant. The bush is powerful, not standard. It is recommended to form it in 3-4 stalks. The variety does not possess a special desire for branching and does not require staving. The seed producer indicates that tying bushes does not require, but the views of summer residents at this point differ. Unanimously noting the high yield, some confirm the unnecessary tying, others complain that the garter is necessary.

Perhaps it depends on the number of deformed tomatoes or the timeliness of harvest. "Dubrava" - an early ripe grade of tomatoes. The average fruit ripening period is 95 days. The bush bears fruit until deep autumn. With a bountiful harvest or an irregular harvest of ripened fruit, the bushes may not be able to withstand the load. On average, from a bush you can get 2 kg of tomatoes, but with good care and the systematic collection of ripe tomatoes, "Dubok" can bring up to 5 kg from one bush. To obtain a bountiful harvest, it is necessary to provide each bush of the variety "Dubrava" with a living space of 0.3 x 0.4 m. It is impossible to thicken the planting.

Tomatoes "Dubok" vary in weight from 50 to 130 g. It is noted that if you plant seedlings under the film, the fruits are larger. The color of the ripe tomato is bright red. Pulp dry, hard. Tomatoes can be plucked brown, they ripen in a few days. Tomatoes have good taste and versatility. They are well suited for the preservation and preparation of ketchup and vegetable mixtures. When fresh, they give a slightly sour taste to vegetable salads.

The photo clearly shows the quality of the pulp of tomatoes.

There are quite a few good reasons for killing seeds:

  • if you took seeds from friends, acquaintances or from private traders on the market, you could buy infected seeds. Untested seeds are always decontaminated before sowing;
  • an infection may also be present in the seedling soil, even if it was purchased in a store (and if you still remember about the desire of some store owners to save by collecting soil in the near forest);
  • the presence in the soil of toxic substances;
  • excess salt in the ground;
  • the soil is too heavy and dense;
  • too deep sowing of seeds;
  • low air temperature. In this case, germination slows down and sprouts can rot in the ground;
  • excess water. High humidity when paired with low temperature can lead to rotting of seedlings even with well-conducted sowing;
  • sour soil. Tomatoes prefer a minimum of neutral soil;
  • seeds that have been stored for a long time at a low temperature "hibernate". They will come out of this state only in 2-3 weeks or not at all.

It is not always the producer who is to blame for the fact that the seeds did not grow, sometimes other factors prevent the emergence of sprouts.

Reviews of truckers about tomato "Dubok"

Surprisingly, unanimous in the positive assessment of the variety.

Vanessa Himova, Aleksin I prefer to grow varieties of vegetables in my home that require a minimum of care. One of these varieties - tomato "Dubrava". Rips before other tomato varieties. While the rest only begin to blush, this one can be collected. Tomato "Dubrava" grows well under film and in open ground. But if you plant it under the film, it will grow and give fruit earlier. So I put some of it under the film, some at once in the open ground, and I indulge in the first tomatoes, when the neighbors are still green. Tatiana Nikitina, Sevastopol We have water at our dachas on schedule, this tomato has attracted by the fact that it can tolerate drought and hot weather. Very important for the Crimea quality.
Planted. Compared with our usual varieties struck by the number of tomatoes, although due to the heat of the leaves and stems simply dried.


Tomato "Dubrava" is not without reason popular for many years. Although its fruits are not large, but there are many of them and they ripen in unison. And due to the fact that about forty years ago, breeders did not seek to bring out highly productive hybrids that were unable to produce seeds, this tomato breaks for a summer resident in a circle running "store-seed-sow-harvest-harvest-store." Seeds of the variety "Dubok" can be harvested independently.