Tomato Pink Stella: reviews, photos, yield

Tomato Pink Stella was created by Novosibirsk breeders for growing in temperate climates. The variety was fully tested, zoned in Siberia and the Urals. In 2007, entered in the State Register. The sale of tomato seeds is carried out by the copyright holder of the variety "Siberian Garden".

Detailed description of the variety

Tomato variety Pink Stella refers to the determinant type. The undersized plant does not exceed a height of 60 cm. The Standard Bush gives side shoots at the first stage of the growing season before the formation of brushes. Leave no more than 3 stepsons to form the crown, the rest are removed. As the shoots grow, the tomato practically does not form.

Reviews of Tomato Pink Stella

Irina Sukhina 32 years old, Kemerovo. From a friend heard about Pink Stella tomatoes, read the description, reviews, looked at the photo, decided to purchase. The summer of the year was cold, the tomatoes ripened almost completely, regardless of weather conditions. First, the seedlings landed in the greenhouse, then opened the film and the tomatoes grew without protection. The plants have never been sick; at the end of July, they gathered the first harvest. Tomatoes are tasty, moderately sour, with a tomato flavor. Semen Vasilyev, 60 years old, Krasnoyarsk Territory For several years he planted habitual varieties on a plot, decided to try a novelty, bought a Pink Stella tomato. Seedlings landed in a small greenhouse, when the threat of frost has passed, the film opened. I decided to check whether the change in temperature affects the growth or not. There were 8 seeds in the package, they all came up. The crop was harvested before the first frost, on average, the bush gave about 3 kg, for a determinant type the result is not bad.