Hazelnut disease

Hazelnut or hazel is a popular shrub that can be found in Russian gardens. Despite timely care, often under adverse climatic conditions, a variety of hazelnut nut diseases may appear. Diseases and pests are very similar to those that are often found on other plants. With the observance of preventive measures you can avoid trouble and reap a rich harvest.

Hazel diseases and treatment methods

The plant is immune to many diseases, but after a cold winter and during the rainy season, fungal, infectious and bacterial diseases can join. Hazelnut disease without timely care and treatment can lead to the death of the bush. Therefore, when the first symptoms appear, it is necessary to begin timely treatment.

Bacterial burn

The most dangerous disease of hazelnuts is a bacterial burn. The fungal disease causes damage to the entire aboveground part: leaves, shoots, flowers and fruits. The disease occurs due to high temperature and humidity. In hot and dry weather, the disease is extremely rare.