Biping T: instructions for use

Bees are constantly subject to the invasion of various parasites, including ticks. It will help prevent infection and get rid of annoying residents of the drug "Bipin T". Detailed instructions for use "Biping T" (1 ml), pharmacological properties of the drug, as well as customer reviews below.

Application in beekeeping

The invasion of varroa ticks at the apiary is a frequent occurrence in modern beekeeping. These parasites destroy whole hives, causing the disease varroatosis. "Biping T" is used not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of invasions. One-time treatment with the drug reduces the number of mites by 98%

Composition, release form

"Bipin T" incorporates 2 active ingredients: thymol and amitraz. Both have acaricidal effects, that is, kill ticks. Thymol - a substance of plant origin. It is mined from thyme. Amitraz is a synthetic element. The main role in the fight against varroa is on him.

The drug is released in vials. It is a clear liquid with a yellow tinge. There are different volumes:

  • 0.5 ml;
  • 1 ml;
  • 2 ml.

For large professional apiaries produce containers of 5 and 10 ml.


Milonov Oleg Ivanovich, 53 years old, Krasnodar. A beekeeper with 10 years experience. I have been using acaricides for the destruction of ticks for a long time, but only now I decided to write a review about "Bipin T". This drug helps me more than one year. I process them hives 2 times a year, the ticks have never come into the houses to my bees. Gontar Igor Stanislavovich, 35 years old, Omsk I tried a lot of acaricides. The number of parasites decreased, but they did not disappear completely. I decided to try "Biping T" for bees. After 1 treatment, almost all parasites became extinct, and after 2, they did not become completely!