How to plant melon in the open ground

Growing melons in the open field, before it was available only in regions with warm climates. But, thanks to the work of breeders, the southern fruit became available for cultivation in Siberia, the Urals, the Moscow region and central Russia. To obtain a generous harvest, it is necessary to select a variety, follow the rules of care and cultivation.

Planting melons in the open ground seeds

For the bush to grow and develop well, it is necessary to prepare the soil and seeds.

It is better to purchase high-quality seeds in specialized stores or to collect them yourself. When collecting seed, it is necessary to take into account the fact that young seeds bear little fruit, since with growth they form a large number of male flowers. Planting material collected 2-3 years ago, will bring a rich harvest.

To grow a strong plant, seeds are sowed before sowing according to a certain pattern:

  1. At 1 hour soaked in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
  2. Then immersed in warm water.
  3. Every 4 hours, the seed is aerated and immersed in water again.
  4. The total duration of soaking should be 12 hours.
  5. Soaked seed spread on the fabric for germination.

Melon is a light-loving fruit, so it is necessary to allocate a light, protected from the wind section under it. Melon is very fastidious to the quality of the soil, it should be light, well-fertilized, with neutral acidity.

Tip! In an open area where melons will be grown, water should not accumulate, as this can lead to rot and the development of fungal diseases.

Before cultivation in open ground, it is necessary to prepare the site in a timely manner:

  1. In the fall, they dig up the earth on shovels bayonet, add sand, rotted manure, or humus.
  2. With the onset of spring warm days for a quick melting of snow, the area is covered with ash or peat.
  3. An open garden bed is covered with a film to quickly heat the soil.
  4. After the earth has warmed up to + 15 ° С, repeated digging is carried out with the addition of potassium phosphate fertilizers, strictly observing the dosage indicated on the package.
  5. Before sowing seeds in open ground, they again dig up the ground and add nitrogenous top dressing.

Experienced gardeners advise planting seed directly into open ground only in the southern regions. In cities with an unstable climate, melon is better to grow through seedlings, because after the emergence of shoots, the plant before the onset of cold weather will not have time to bear fruit. Seedlings begin to grow in late April.


Early maturity specimens grown in open ground begin to mature in mid-August. To determine the maturity of the skin on the opposite side of the stem slightly pressed. If a small dent is formed, then the fruit is ripe. Thus, the cleaning takes place selectively and can last until the first frost.


Growing melons in the open field is a simple task, even an aspiring gardener can handle it. The main rule for obtaining a generous harvest is the correct selection of varieties, seed preparation and timely care. Adhering to agrotechnical rules, you can grow melon even in regions with unstable climate.