How to ferment green tomatoes

A variety of pickles have long served as the main supplement to the winter menu, when fresh vegetables and fruits were very difficult to find on sale. Now times have changed and in any small supermarket you can find a fairly large assortment of fruits, berries and vegetables at any time of the year. True, it is in the city, and in the village most of the residents are still trying to stock up for the winter with tasty and healthy pickles: cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples. Fortunately, in rural conditions there is always a cellar where you can easily keep all these goodies until spring. But even in the city, a rare hostess will remain indifferent to the possibility of preparing a traditional folk dish for her family: pickled or salted vegetables. After all, if you wish, there is always a place to store them: both on the balcony and in the refrigerator.

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Pickled green tomatoes can be called a traditional Russian snack, because in cold summer conditions, tomatoes rarely have time to ripen completely. Therefore, in the majority of gardeners at the end of the summer, many bushes with still green tomatoes remain in the beds. But for the zealous owners, nothing should disappear - it is from green tomatoes that you can cook a dish that is amazing in taste and aroma, which will not be at all like harvesting from ripe red tomatoes. Recipe it with a photo is described in detail below.

Simple old recipe

For the pickling of green tomatoes for the winter, all the nuances matter, so you need to disassemble everything in stages.

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Preparation of the main raw materials

Tomatoes of various degrees of ripeness are suitable for salting - pink, brown, white and even completely green. But before souring, they must be divided by grade and maturity.

Attention! Each variety is better salted in a separate dish.

Tomatoes themselves must be thoroughly rinsed with a brush, first in cold and then rinsed in warm water. Then the tomatoes are dried on a towel and released from the stem.

Starter dishes

In modern home conditions, it is rare for anyone to find a real oak barrel, but an enamelled bucket, and in extreme cases there will probably be an enameled pan for everyone. Since the shops now have a very large selection of the most varied dishes for every taste - if you like to make sour vegetables, you can purchase separate containers for cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage for the future.

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Tip! Do not use metal dishes for souring and plastic dishes are considered undesirable. In extreme cases, you can use food plastic containers.

If you are going to pick green tomatoes for the first time, then for the first time you can use ordinary three-liter glass jars.

Whatever capacity you choose, it must be cleaned and scalded with boiling water just before putting it inside the tomatoes.

Salt and spices

What else do you need for fermenting green tomatoes? Of course, salt, and it should be stone, without additives.

If you count on the fact that you pick up 5 kg of tomatoes for souring, then for brine you need 5 liters of water and 350-400 grams of salt. It is necessary to approach the preparation of brine with all attention: after all, the safety of pickled tomatoes directly depends on its quality.

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Add the right amount of salt to the required amount of water and bring the brine to a boil. Making sure that the salt is completely dissolved, cool the brine.

Important! Before pouring, do not forget to strain it so that dirt, possibly salt, does not get into the tomatoes.

Now it is necessary to say a few words about seasonings and greens. It is they who fill the finished dish with the very amazing aroma and taste, thanks to which green pickled tomatoes are so popular.

The minimum required set of spices consists of this recipe from:

  • Dill (greens and inflorescences) - 100 g;
  • Garlic - 1-2 heads;
  • Horseradish leaves - 3-4 pieces;
  • Cherry and black currant leaves - 10-15 each;
  • Oak leaves - 5 pieces;
  • Estragon - 20 g;
  • Basil - 20 g;
  • Red hot pepper - half a teaspoon.

It is advisable to wash the spices under running water, dry and mix together in the same bowl.

Fermentation process

Now you have everything you need to ferment green tomatoes the way it was done in the old days. In scalded dishes lay on the bottom about one third of all spices. Then the tomatoes are placed on top.

Putting several layers of tomatoes, you fall asleep them again the second third of all spices. Place the tomatoes again and cover them with the remaining spicy leaves and spices. Pour brine on top, it must cover all the tomatoes.

Tip! To prevent the tomatoes from floating up, they can be lightly pressed on top of them with a plate or a lid slightly smaller in diameter for the leaven.