Cherry Tomato Salting

Any preservation entails a long stay at the stove, but pickling cherry tomatoes can be faster if salted, using quick cooking methods. This appetizer will impress the whole family due to its excellent taste and spicy flavor.

How to pickle cherry tomatoes for the winter

Salting vegetables is not difficult, even beginner cooks will cope with this task. Simple and quick recipes for making and knowing the important subtleties of the rules of canning are the basis for making an exquisite snack with an original taste. Therefore, to salt tasty cherries, it is necessary to consider several recommendations:

  1. Vegetables need to choose the same size, without visible damage, because it affects the taste of pickles. For variety, you can pickle tomatoes of different color shades, so the snack will turn out bright and presentable.
  2. To make the fruits better soaked in brine, they need to be punctured at the base of the stem with a toothpick or skewer.
  3. Salt vegetables need, observing the technology of preservation, pasteurization mode containers. To wash the cans should not use chemicals, it is best to use natural baking soda.
  4. Appetizer can be consumed 20 days after preparation. During this period, tomatoes have time to soak in brine. But the longer they are stored, the brighter their taste will be.

Knowing how to pickle cherry, you can get a really tasty and spicy snack.

Terms of storage salted cherry tomatoes

Store salted tomatoes in a well-ventilated area, protected from direct sunlight. The question of the preservation of conservation is solved by the presence of a cold room, cellar, pantry.


Salting cherry tomatoes is a fairly simple process, allowing you to get a delicious snack that will delight all of your relatives during the cold winter.