Preserving green tomatoes for the winter without sterilization

Winter harvesting takes a lot of time and effort from the hostess, but there are some recipes that make work even a little easier. For example, you can preserve green tomatoes without sterilization. Long-term storage of such blanks will be provided due to the unique composition of products with a high content of natural preservatives. Green tomatoes for the winter without sterilization are very tasty and useful, because the effect of temperature on fresh vegetables in this case is minimal. We will try to offer some good recipes of such preparations further in the article. Our recommendations and tips will certainly help each housewife to quickly and easily prepare tasty salting for the whole family.


There are many good recipes for making winter preparations, but we have proposed the best of them. Lack of sterilization allows salting to be prepared quickly and conveniently. The rich ingredient composition makes the taste of pickles interesting and original. Thus, having spent quite a bit of time, it will be possible to replenish the bins for the whole winter with a quality product for the whole family.