Freezing greens for the winter at home

Recipes for many dishes suggest the addition of fresh herbs. However, in the garden greens can only be found in the warm season, and in winter it has to be bought, because it is then grown only in greenhouses. Not all housewives know that for the winter at home you can save useful vitamins almost intact.

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How to freeze greens for the winter in a regular refrigerator, as well as what kind of greens can be frozen and which ones are not suitable for this, can be found in this article.

Freezing greens for the winter in stages

First of all, it is necessary to decide on which greens can be frozen, and which greens are best to buy fresh in the supermarket. In principle, absolutely any greens from the garden can be placed in the freezer — there will definitely be no harm, because after this treatment all the useful vitamins and trace elements are preserved.