The best varieties of gherkin cucumbers

It is difficult to imagine a kitchen garden in which there would be no beds with cucumbers. To date, many varieties have been developed, both for direct consumption and for pickling. Especially popular for pickling gherkins. You can shoot small fruit and salad species. However, the gherkins themselves are tastier, and the bank looks more appetizing.

How gherkins differ from other cucumbers

Varieties of gherkins differ elastic, crunchy fruits without voids inside. They are oblong in shape, without bulges, the length of cucumbers is about 5-10 cm. Even overgrown gherkins will not be large. Breeders cultivated varieties that quickly ripen, have a pleasant taste, give a great harvest and are resistant to common diseases.

Attention! In the gherkins the mineral content is higher than in the cucumber salad.

The best varieties have specific characteristics. The following groups are represented:

  • for greenhouses;
  • for open ground;
  • for film coatings;
  • bee-pollinated;
  • self pollinated;
  • parthenocarpic (without pollination).

Having tried different varieties of miniature cucumbers, most gardeners choose the best ones for themselves and grow these particular gherkins.

Most common varieties

Gardeners who are just starting to grow gherkins should pay attention to the best and most common varieties.

"Paris gherkin"