The best varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses

The best way to get an early crop of cucumbers is to grow them in a greenhouse. But in order to gather even and tasty cucumbers in early spring, it is very important to choose the right variety of them. Most often, parthenocarpic and self-pollinated selection species are selected for cultivation in the greenhouse. Consider the main selection criteria and the advantages of planting certain varieties.

Which varieties to choose for a greenhouse

Gardeners, who have long been engaged in growing vegetables in greenhouses and greenhouses, will immediately say that the best varieties of cucumbers for early ripening are self-pollinated hybrids. This breeding species perfectly adapts to the surrounding conditions, shows a high yield and resistance to many diseases characteristic of greenhouse cultivation. In order for the plant to pollinate in the greenhouse, the presence of bees is not at all necessary, as it happens in the open garden beds.

Before you start buying seeds, decide - what exactly you will use the harvest. This is also a criterion that allows for the right choice.

Possible uses of cucumber harvest

For conservation

Choose the first generation hybrids. Fruits are even, small in size, with thin skin, and the content of pectic acid and sugar is somewhat exceeded. These varieties include Ira (F1), Naf-Fanto (F1), Marinda (F1) and others.

For fresh use and salads

Fruits that have a dense peel, tolerate transportation and light spikes (some species - without spikes). Such cucumbers can not be canned, because the fruits are poorly absorbed in salt and acetic solutions.

Universal varieties

Small fruit, barely reaching 7-8 cm in length. Equally good for canning, pickling and fresh consumption. The skin of the fruit is of medium density with black or brown spikes.

Tip! When buying seeds for planting, be sure to consult with experts or get acquainted with the instructions. The wrong choice can cause a sick and poor harvest.

The main thing is that the instructions for the seeds should reflect the following characteristics:

  • Self-guided;
  • Maturation period - early and medium;
  • Method of use - universal;
  • Hybrid;
  • The fruit is short or medium in size.

In addition, the seeds are separated by the period of harvest - spring-summer, summer-autumn, winter-spring. And therefore it is necessary to determine which varieties you need.

What are the most fruitful varieties

To obtain an early qualitative harvest, breeders created new varieties of cucumbers, the seeds of which are suitable for planting in greenhouses. They are highly resistant to diseases, universal in use, due to their small size and thin skin.

Today, the best hybrids are very popular with gardeners who grow vegetables in greenhouses and greenhouses: