Secondary wine from the cake (pulp)

In the classic version of the preparation of wine, the pulp is usually wrung out and thrown away as waste. But lovers of low-alcohol wines can re-prepare a drink from the cake. And you can cook this wine with any fruits and berries. It can be apples, currants, grapes and so on. Further, in the article we will see the technology of preparation of secondary wine. It is not much different from the classic recipe, but it has some important nuances.

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Features of secondary wine

Coloring substances and elements responsible for the taste of wine, are mainly in the juice. For this reason, the secondary wine can not be as bright, rich and fragrant as the first. Some make the wine again, and then it is distilled into moonshine.

After the juice is separated from the pulp, a small amount of sugar will remain in it, from about 1 to 5%. Also in the skin and pulp remain extractives. This prompted Burgundy Petiot (French winemaker) to think about how to use the remaining raw materials. He began to prepare the secondary wine from grapes, but in the same way you can prepare a drink with other fruits.

The method consists in the fact that the pressed juice is replaced by sugar syrup. The concentration of sugar in it should be 20%. They take almost equal or equal amount of oil cake and syrup, and then draw the mixture, like a regular wine. Thus, you can get a good drink with a strength of 10 or 12 degrees.

Attention! This drink in France is not considered a full-fledged wine. There he is called "petio" in honor of his inventor.