Strawberry wine at home: a recipe

Strawberries are tender berries, so after the bulkhead there is always crumpled waste. They are not suitable for jams and compotes. But throwing fragrant strawberries is not necessary. It is quite suitable for making strawberry wine at home, the main thing is that there is no mold on the berries. Drink according to any recipe turns out fragrant and tasty, if you apply the correct technology of manufacture.

Wine made from strawberries at home is an ideal way to use berries. And you can make a drink not only from garden varieties, but also from wild strawberries. In the finished bright red drink, delicate aroma of berries, inimitable taste that you can’t confuse with anything. How to make homemade wine from strawberries, will be discussed in the article. And we will tell not only about recipes using fresh berries for making strawberry wine. Unexpected discoveries are waiting for you.

Berry preparation

Homemade wine from strawberries, it does not matter, from garden or forest fruits, knowing the recipe, is easy to prepare. There is only one nuance - the berries are in no hurry to give their own juice, which makes fermentation difficult, and this also affects the coloring of wine. But thanks to the ingredients added to the wort, this problem is solved at home successfully.

Share secrets

We talked about some options for obtaining wine at home. I would also like to tell you about important secrets:

  1. For making homemade strawberry wine, the time of year does not matter, since for this you can use strawberries in any condition.
  2. Young wine must be closed tightly. You can roll it in jars or in bottles. But in the latter case there may be a problem with traffic jams. You can use the old, which was corked wine store. It is enough to throw a cork in boiling water - it will become soft and docile. In the hole from the corkscrew pour wax or glue the cork with several layers of adhesive tape.
  3. Label the bottle with strawberry wine, then you will know exactly which drink to try first, and which still to expose.
  4. Wine made from woodland strawberries or strawberries has a brighter taste and refined aroma. But to make it you need a little more sugar, because the acid content in forest fruits is higher than in garden berries.

We wish you a successful blanks. Send us your recipes for strawberry wine, we will wait. After all, each winemaker has its own "raisins" in the preparation of homemade intoxicating drinks.