Carrots: varieties for Central Russia

Who does not want to grow juicy carrots in central Russia? However, everyone's needs are different, and the ripening time of different varieties of carrots varies. Let's talk about which varieties are best grown in the middle lane and which carrots should be considered the best. Definition parameters are given below.

Principles for choosing carrot seeds

Having come to the store for seeds in the winter, each summer resident himself determines the selection criteria. However, newcomers in this business are not so easy to cope with their priorities. As for carrots, they should be interested in such qualities as:

  • storage time;
  • maturation rate;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • yield;
  • taste qualities;
  • disease resistance.

Among them it is necessary to identify those that are of paramount importance. For central Russia, this will be the rate of ripening, resistance to low temperatures and yield. Few people want to spend time growing for one kilogram of carrots. Russians love this vegetable very much, it contains a huge amount of vitamins.

Carrots, traditional for Russia, have a bright orange color, sometimes a little lighter or a bit darker. This shade appears due to the presence of beneficial carotene.

When choosing, pay attention to the fact that the package was closed, breathable, and the manufacturer of the seed was on everyone's lips. Buying seeds from unverified suppliers is dangerous enough, you can not get the result that you planned.

A few words about storage

Growing carrots on their own, every gardener wants to keep it longer to use fresh and get maximum benefit in autumn and winter. Fresh carrot salad for the New Year, mashed potatoes for children - we need all this in a period of lack of vitamins.

Often we make mistakes in storing carrots, but do not forget that early ripening varieties are generally not suitable for this. It is better not to plant them, if you want to keep carrots in the cellar longer.

Suitable for storage:

  • mid-season varieties;
  • late varieties.

In order to store carrots does not cause trouble, you must adhere to the following conditions:

  • temperature storage should be +2 degrees;
  • air humidity should be about 95%, without hesitation;
  • you should not rely only on the fact that the variety has good keeping quality, this rule does not work if the carrots are picked too soon or too late.

For long-term storage of ripe ripe vegetables without damage and completely healthy. You can not dry them in the sun, only in the cool and shade.

When choosing the same variety, pay attention to:

  • reviews of other gardeners;
  • its popularity among all others.

We will consider a large list of carrot varieties with high keeping quality and excellent qualities for successful cultivation in the middle lane.

Top Grades

Today, there are a large number of varieties and hybrids that are successfully grown throughout the country, with the exception, perhaps, of remote northern areas.

For each variety, we will define important parameters so that the summer resident can conveniently appeal with facts. Also show pictures of carrots.

In order to select carrot varieties for central Russia, we consider middle-ripening varieties resistant to lower temperatures and diseases.


This variety of carrots is well known to gardeners, it is considered one of the best. The yield is high, the roots of conical shape with a blunt end. Their size is from medium to large (500 grams), depending on growing conditions.

img "alt =" Shantane "src =" / wp-content / uploads / userfiles / 293_5.jpg ">

Ripens "Shantane" for 120-150 days, has good taste and is well stored. The variety is resistant to cracking, which allows you to save a large number of fruits by the time of their ripening in September.

"Queen of Autumn"

This is one of the unique cold-resistant varieties, perfectly suitable for the middle band of the country. It occupies a special place on the shelves of shops, because it is in great demand among gardeners.


Each summer resident chooses his own variety of carrots for growing. Someone important early harvest, someone - juicy carrots, someone chooses varieties for long-term storage. The main thing that unites all of the above varieties is durability and high yield. Even those varieties that ripen within 130 days are not inferior to the early ripe in taste. They are perhaps less sweet. Choose yours.