The earliest varieties of cucumbers

To ensure a good harvest, it is important to take care of buying quality seeds in advance. But most people are often at a loss as to which seeds are better suited for their conditions, which should be the first thing to look for. After all, having made the wrong choice of seeds, you can make a lot of effort and not get the desired result, and the whole thing will be that this variety just did not fit you in the climatic zone, or you planted it in a time unusual for this variety of cucumbers. The main mistake of non-professional gardeners, however banal it may sound, is to choose seeds according to the picture on the package, although all the most important things are usually written on it, only on the reverse side.

Choosing seeds for seedlings

It is best to choose the winter season in order to systematically purchase seeds of varieties or hybrids for spring seedlings.

So, if you are interested in early ripe cucumbers, then you should know that they, too, are divided into two groups, according to the speed of ripening.

  • Early;
  • Ultra Early (Super Early).

In turn, both of these groups include hybrid, parthenocarpic, self-pollinated and insect-pollinated varieties. But which of these species should stop its attention, this is a topic for their detailed analysis.

So what is the best hybrid or variety?

A variety is a group of plants formed by crossing one type of cucumber. Its feature is the initial support for the growth of male plants, which subsequently must pollinate the female. But since the male color takes a lot of energy, it is not necessary to wait for an early result from these plants. Although there is a way to speed up the ripening process, by removing the male flowers in the manual mode, and when the plant reaches a height of more than 70 cm, the main stem should be pinned, after which it will give out lateral shoots on which the flowers will be female.

Hybrid is an artificially derived group of plants that has mostly female blooms, although professionals on such bushes initially also remove flowers that are formed on the stem below 70 cm to enhance the growth of shoots and foliage. The only disadvantage of hybrid cucumbers in front of varietal and self-pollinating ones are, in the absence of their seed material, from overripe fruits.

Self-cured cucumber varieties - such plants have both male and female signs of flowering in their flowers (stamens and pistil). The advantage of this species is that seeds can be harvested from fruits, for planting next year and not pollinating them manually.

Varieties of early and ultra early cucumbers

Self-pollinating grade Kid