Winter jam jam: 10 recipes

In the apple season, many happy owners of a generous harvest are wondering how to preserve the beneficial properties of a juicy and fragrant fruit as much as possible. Jam from the base for the winter will be an excellent option. The product is prepared quickly, stored for a long time, it has excellent taste and exquisite aroma.

How to make jam

Make this delicacy for the winter is easy, it is important to study the recipes and deal with all the subtleties of self-preparation of the dessert dish:

  1. Choosing the main ingredient, you need to give preference to sweet and sour and sweet fruits with soft skin, as they boil soft. As a raw material, overripe, cracked and broken specimens can serve. It is important that they are not covered with mold.
  2. Before preparing the dessert, it is recommended to soak the apples using warm water for 40-50 minutes and then begin to cut the fruit.
  3. To grind the jam, it is better to use a sieve, although modern housewives use a blender, a meat grinder to facilitate the process. But, according to reviews, the use of these devices can deprive the dessert aerial tenderness.
  4. To test the readiness of the jam, you need to dial it on the tip of a teaspoon and drop it on a saucer. If the drop is thick and not spread, then the dessert is ready.
Important! The main thing is to strictly follow the recipe, respecting the proportions of sugar, since an insufficient amount of sugar can lead to the jam mold.

Cooking jam from the rack in the slow cooker

The jam from the rednet in the crock-pot Redmond will turn out to be no worse than when using ordinary dishes. A modern device not only preserves all the nutritional and aesthetic properties of fruits, but also provides convenience for hostesses.

Grocery list:

  • 1 kg rannet;
  • 1 kg of sugar;
  • some water.

Phased recipe:

  1. Washed apples pour boiling water and cut into slices. In this case, the skin can not be removed, and the seeds and the core removed.
  2. Put the prepared fruit in a slow cooker, pour water over and, setting the mode "Quenching", turn on for 20 minutes.
  3. During this time, the shells will become soft, and then you can add sugar. A little stir, cook for 1 hour without changing mode. In the process of cooking the composition must be periodically mixed, in order to avoid burning.
  4. Ready for the winter, fill the jars with soft, tender and juicy jam and cork.

Rules for storing jam

The jam must be stored in rooms that are not too wet, the temperature of which should vary from 10 to 15 ﹾ C above zero. In this case, the workpiece must be protected from sunlight. And also it is not recommended to expose the cans with delicacy to strong temperature drops and keep it in the frost, since the billet can be candied or covered with mold. With a high level of humidity, metal covers may rust, causing damage to the product.

With proper canning and storage, the shelf life of jam from the winter intakes is 3 years.

Tip! If the jam is covered with a thin layer of mold, then you should not immediately throw it away. You can gently remove the mold, and boil a treat, use as a filling for baking.


Jam from the rack for the winter - one of the most favorite blanks of most sweet teeth. This delicious dessert is cooked at home simply, without frills, and the result is an unusually tasty delicacy, which can be used as a filling for baking by the caring housewives, and gourmets can enjoy butter on a piece of bread in cold winter evenings.