Jam from the rack at home

Homemade jam from the market for the winter has a delicate aroma, and also nourishes the body with useful substances in cold weather. Jams, jams, apple compotes are the usual desserts of many families. But few people know that there are a huge number of good homemade jam recipes that will help diversify the diet when there are few fresh vegetables and fruits on the table.

How to make jam

The peculiarity of rannet in their juiciness and magical aroma. It is thanks to these properties that the jam turns out delicious. But before you prepare it for the winter at home, you need to know some cooking rules:

  1. The correct selection of fruits. To cook a really delicious dessert, you need to select the sweet and sour apples. They should have a soft rind so that they can be cooked faster and easier. The best raw material for harvesting for the winter will be over-ripe fruits, cracked and broken. But the rotten fruit does not fit - they can not only adversely affect the taste, but also the storage of the finished product.
  2. Soak. Before proceeding to the preparation of jam at home, rantki should first be dipped in warm water and left for an hour. After that, each fruit must be thoroughly washed.
  3. Grinding. For many years, to prepare homemade jam with a homogeneous consistency, use a sieve with fine cells. A similar dessert is soft and tender. But modern housewives have found a lot of other solutions that allow you to simplify the harvesting at home, using a meat grinder or blender.
  4. Stage compliance. Many housewives are trying to improve the homemade recipe, adding their own any spices and herbs, but the jam for the winter needs to be prepared strictly, observing the proportions and stages. Especially it is not necessary to reduce the amount of sugar, unless it is a recipe in which this product is not provided, otherwise the preform may ferment.

Before you start canning homemade dessert for the winter according to one of the recipes, you need to decide on its consistency. It depends on the cooking time.