Tomato Honey Salute: characteristics and description of the variety

Tomato Honey Salute - a relatively new variety, bred in 2004. Tomatoes are suitable for construction in open beds and under film cover. Two-colored fruits have so sweet pulp that they are used as a dessert and for the preparation of fruit salads. Subject to the rules of cultivation with 1 square. m can collect a good harvest.

Description of a grade of a tomato Honey salute

Tomato Honey Salute is considered an indeterminate variety (a bush with an unlimited growth rate). Characteristics of the variety:

  • late-ripening tomatoes, from sowing to seedlings to fruit removal, takes about 4 months;
  • the plant is tall, reaches a height of 180 cm, so the bush needs support;
  • medium variety variety;
  • the first ovary is formed under the 10 leaf, all subsequent ones are formed through every 3 leaf;
  • for a bountiful harvest, the plant is grown in 2 trunks.

To determine whether the tomato honey salute is suitable or not, you need to familiarize yourself with the photos and reviews.