Pumpkin juice with carrots for the winter

To raise the body's tone, it is not necessary to poison it with all sorts of energy drinks with unknown compounds. It is better to preserve the pumpkin-carrot juice for the winter with pulp, which will always be at hand and help rejuvenate with benefit. Its bright color uplifting, recalling the summer, and the mass of vitamins in its composition is simply indispensable in the cold season.

Useful properties of pumpkin and carrot juice

Pumpkin drink is often called a storehouse of nutrients. In its composition there is beta-carotene - an indispensable component for restoring vision, has a powerful antioxidant effect. This drink is rich in vitamins of group B, as well as ascorbic acid.

If you regularly use carrot juice, you can strengthen the nervous system, relieve depression, and normalize sleep. It helps remove harmful cholesterol from blood vessels, activates metabolic processes, functions of the stomach and intestines, burns fats, removes toxins and slags.

It has a good diuretic effect, therefore it is indicated for people with problems affecting the corresponding systems of the body.

Pumpkin drink has a rejuvenating effect on the body, prevents the growth of cancer cells. It is recommended to drink to people with excess weight, because it helps to normalize digestion, improves digestion.

Important! With colds and flu, the juice helps the body recover faster, saturating it with all the necessary vitamins.

Carrot drink is indicated for use by women carrying a baby, it helps to relieve symptoms of toxicosis, removes excess fluid from the body, regulates stool and eliminates the constant feeling of nausea.

From 4 months he is introduced into the diet of the newborn, because he rarely causes allergies, helps strengthen the child’s immunity, relieves constipation. It contains vitamin D, which prevents the development of rickets.

Rules for storage of pumpkin-carrot juice

Store carrot juice with pumpkin can be in the basement or pantry away from the heating devices no more than 2 years. But it turns out so tasty that it is drunk in the first year. The optimum temperature is up to + 25 ° C, humidity is not higher than 75%.

Important! After opening the cans, the juice is placed in a refrigerator and stored for no more than three days.


Pumpkin-carrot juice for the winter is a healthy drink that will give vigor and help to resist respiratory diseases that await a person in the autumn-winter period. But before using it, it is better to consult a doctor, because there are contraindications.