Cabbage Parel

In the spring, there are not enough vitamins so much that we try to maximize our diet with all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and greens. But there are no more useful products than those that are grown with their own hands. That is why at each site should be a place for ultra-early varieties and crops. These include the cabbage variety Parel. This hybrid literally in 60 days after emergence of shoots is capable of forming a beautiful, fresh head of cabbage, filled with all the necessary vitamins. Growing such an ultra-early cabbage is not at all difficult. We will try to give all necessary recommendations for this and a full description of the variety in our article.

Already grown cabbage seedlings should be regularly fed with nitrogen, potash and phosphate fertilizers. The nutrient and, at the same time, pest control for cabbage is wood ash.

Important! In the phase of thickening the leaves, it is not recommended to feed the cabbage to preserve the ecological safety of the vegetables.


Variety of cabbage "Parel" opens up new opportunities for farmers. With it, you can grow the very first and most useful vegetables with your own hands. This will not make any difficulties, and some farmers will be pleased at all, because good seed germination, adaptability to adverse conditions and stable yields are the main features of this hybrid, which means success in cultivation is guaranteed.


Kristina Kuznetsova, 39 years old, Samara. Every year I plant several Parel forks. This cabbage quickly makes heads of cabbage, it is excellent in weathering weather and diseases. This first spring vegetable is good in salad and soup. For storage and fermentation they cultivate an additional sort of "Kolobok", because from the "Parel" sauerkraut slug is obtained. Alina Stomin, 27 years old, Kostroma. I love spring vegetable salads and cabbage "Parel". It is so crispy and sweet that you can just disassemble it into leaves and eat. Variety - just magical, my favorite. Mom knows about it. She grows these wonderful kochanchiki for us. We buy seeds for her and thank you for the early harvest.