Manchurian Nut Growing

Many gardeners in the northern regions dream of growing walnuts. But even if it is possible to grow a tree to a more or less adult state, then it is almost impossible to get mature fruits from it. The Manchurian nut, which feels rather well in the north of the middle zone, right up to the Arkhangelsk region, and in the Urals, and in Siberia, will serve as a good alternative to it. The following are a variety of photos and descriptions of the Manchurian nut, along with details about the requirements for the culture and care for it.

Manchurian Nut Description

There are several other names for this tree - Dombian walnut, Ussuri filbert. For residents of the coastal region, this giant is not at all any curiosity. Since its homeland is the Far East, China and the Korean Peninsula. In the wild, it grows in river valleys, on humus-rich, breathable soils, in conditions of deciduous forests and in mountainous areas, up to a height of 500-600 m.