Lay Breeding Business Plan

Breeding chickens to produce tasty and healthy eggs, as well as dietary meat from time immemorial, has been traditional for every village yard in Russia. After all, chickens are very unpretentious creatures capable of finding food for themselves from early spring to late autumn. The spectacle of any Russian village with chickens swarming in dung or in the grass is very traditional. With the advent of industrial poultry farms in cities, the problem of supplying chicken eggs and various chicken products was also completely solved. But the quality of these products leaves much to be desired. Therefore, always used, and will be in demand fresh, natural eggs from the village, as well as chicken meat, in the cultivation of which did not use special antibiotics and growth accelerators.

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For this reason, an increasing number of people are thinking about the fact that breeding chickens, as a business, can bring considerable benefits to themselves and others. But the business is different from other activities in that it must bring real benefits to its owner and the more, the better. Is it possible to set up a chicken breeding business and how profitable can it be? These questions will be covered in detail in the article.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the specific direction. Business is a serious matter, and the best thing is not to be dispersed on everything, but to choose one direction first. Applicable to chickens, there may be three:

  • Breeding laying hens for eggs;
  • Breeding chicken broilers for meat;
  • Breeding decorative or purebred chickens for hatching eggs and selling chickens.

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There is also such an idea as egg incubation, but it represents a very special business area and will not be considered in this article.

Laying hens

If you decide to breed eggs for eggs as a serious business, then, first of all, you will need a plot of land with a house and buildings. Land lease and the construction of a good chicken coop are the most financially costly measures, and are unlikely to pay off soon. Therefore, it will be better to think about such a business for those who already have a house on their land and, preferably, some buildings on it that can be converted into a dwelling of chickens. In this case, you can combine business with pleasure, that is, having a steady income from the business, at the same time regularly receive for yourself and your family natural chicken products, in the form of eggs and meat.

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Attention! The hen house itself when expanding a business can always be built on its own, if you decide that it is appropriate.

Choice of breed and conditions

If you decide to arrange the breeding of laying hens as a business, you first need to choose the appropriate breed of chickens. Should choose between representatives of egg breeds.

Attention! The most popular egg-bearing breeds at the moment are Leggorn, Highsex, Lohman Brown.

It is necessary to deal with the chicken coop a little more in detail, since it depends on its capacity how many chickens you decide to start your business. Experts advise not to buy thousands of heads at once, but try your hand on a small number of chickens, for example, about a hundred. If you’ll like it, and everything will turn out, then you can expand your business to almost industrial scale.